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Over the years we have heard from other worldly beings of great wisdom and spiritual insight. Few have been as clear as those presented by Paul Selig. Today, Paul introduces his newest book, “Resurrection”. In the first book of his latest trilogy, Paul’s guides share the new manifestation of humanity, a vision of alteration that will shift how we think and move through the world. Website:

From Limitations … to Expansion!

Sometimes we are so concerned with world events and other things outside ourselves that we forget what we really want in our own lives. We’ll talk to Dr. DiVanna VaDree about what it would be like to have a life filled with possibilities. It sounds like it’s time to stop arguing for our limitations and get on with our expansion. Let’s find out! Website:

Spiritual Technology that Increases Consciousness

What’s happening to our health and wellness beyond the usual conventional measurements? What about things like life-force? We know just the right person to talk to. Today’s guest is Roberta Hladek, co-founder of the AIM Program of energetic balancing, a spiritual technology that increases consciousness and thus healing. This is a program you’ll want to hear about. Website:

Holy Love

Couples and families are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to intimacy. Yet the desire to be intimate and be met with unconditional love is our deepest and most common desire. We’ll talk to Elisa Romeo and Adam Foley, authors of “Holy Love: The Essential Guide to Soul-fulfilling Relationships”. We’re hoping they can lead us to more joy, peace and growth in our lives. Website:

Energy To Heal

Did you know that the power to heal from trauma of all kinds is within you? Whether you do or not, today’s guest Lauren Walker and her book “The Energy to Heal” are essential resources for accessing that ability to self-heal. If you seek lasting freedom from stress and trauma you’ll want to hear about her Energy Medicine Yoga. Website: |

Mastering Your 5D Self

Are you ready for the 5th Dimension? Do you even know for sure what it is and how to prepare for it? We thought we’d check in with Maureen St. Germain, author of “Mastering Your 5D Self” for her take on the tools we’ll need to create this new reality. Website:

The Practical Path

Believe it or not, even science now recognizes that we all possess a level of knowing beyond our usual language, logic and thought. We call it intuition. But beyond our usual understanding of anticipating events or knowing something unexpected, intuition can be a useful tool in medicine. We’ll talk to Wendie Colter, a professional medical intuitive and author of “Essentials of Medical Intuition: A Visionary Approach to Wellness”. Website:

The Largest Organ and Cancer Concerns

Today we want to talk about healthy approaches to wellness. First, we address our largest organ, our skin, with some tips from Dr. Ross Pelton on the best ways to keep it healthy. Then, Dr. Linda Isaacs informs us of new support for an old theory that speaks to serious cancer concerns with a natural approach we’ve visited on this show before. Website(s): | |

The Kingdom

We have heard of a shift in consciousness for a number of years now. Today’s guest Paul Selig asks us to move beyond an understanding that we are in a transforming world to actually living in a transformed world. We’ll talk to Paul about his latest book, “The Kingdom”, which is the last book in his Beyond the Known Trilogy. Website:

Living Grieving

Sometimes a life event is so powerful that it propels a person in a new and unexpected direction. Sometimes, tragedy is the thing that allows us to find ourselves and our way in this world. We’ll talk to Karen V. Johnson, author of LIVING GRIEVING: Using Energy Medicine to Alchemize Grief and Loss. She transformed her life by alchemizing her grief after the loss of her son. She lays out a roadmap for the rest of us to follow no matter what the source of our grief is. Website: