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Are you into “Bio-Hacking”? If so, you might have heard of our guest, Carly Neubert. She recently wrote a blog about something we’ve talked about on this show… Glutathione. We’re going to find out what she’s found out about glutathione as well as what she means by bio-hacking. Then, we’ll catch up with some of Rob and Brenda’s thoughts about wellness. Website:

Your Soul Has A Plan

If you’ve been around spiritual circles at all, you’ve had to wonder about what your soul purpose is and does it follow a pattern laid out for you ahead of time. Let’s face it, staying on plan, assuming you know what it is, can be confounding. We’ll talk to Lisa Barnett, founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. She’s the author of ”Your Soul Has A Plan – Awaken to Your Life Purpose through Your Akashic Records”. We’re hoping she has some answers. Website:

We Are Perfect Just As We Are

For years we have depended on accessing our inner answers to the turmoil in our lives, whether personal or global. We have also depended on the wisdom of Dr. DiVanna VaDree to guide us. Today, she returns to share her perspective on this Earth School we find ourselves in and help us understand “we are perfect just as we are”. Website:

Core Creativity

We’ve all heard of mindfulness by now. The question is, what does it do in our everyday lives. Can it be a useful tool for more than peace during our day? We’ll talk to Dr. Ronald Alexander, a PhD who has a private psychotherapy and executive coaching practice. He’s the author of “CORE CREATIVITY: The Mindful Way To Unlock Your Creative Self”.

Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness

For years now we have heard messages of empowerment and spiritual insight. The way to higher consciousness has many paths, but one we have heard about for years is the AIM Program. We’ll talk to Evan Slawson, one of the founders of the AIM Program and the co-author of “Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness” with Stephen Lewis. We think you’ll find his take on Energetic Balancing in the spiritual context to be not only fascinating, but useful in your everyday life. Website(s): |

Shadow Animals

Our cute animal friends both domestic and wild give us so much. But what about the animals that scare us? Perhaps there are ways they serve us that you haven’t imagined. We’ll talk to Dawn Baumann Brunke, author of “Shadow Animals: How Animals We Fear Can Help Us Heal, Transform, and Awaken”. Website:

Xlear & The Healing Moment

Spring has been with us for a while now… so how are your allergies doing? Want to keep them in check? We’ll talk to Nate Jones, CEO of Xlear. His mission is to make sure you can actually smell those Spring flowers. Then… We’ll talk to Dr. Donna Marks, author of “The Healing Moment” for her take on how we can listen to the voice of love rather than the voice of fear to heal our struggles from addiction to relationships. Website(s): |

The Body Code

Have you ever thought about how much your emotions affect your health? We’re not just talking depression or lack of energy, but other physical symptoms emerging from our emotions. We heard about this years ago when we learned of The Emotion Code by Dr. Brad Nelson. Now he has carried his discoveries further and has published an expansion of his method called. The book is called “THE BODY CODE: Unlocking Your Body’s Ability to Heal Itself”. We have Dr. Brad here to tell us about it. Website:

Bacterial Imbalances …

We bet you’ve noticed how much of an emphasis there is on aging. But did you know that bacterial imbalances in the intestinal tract cause health problems throughout the body that can accelerate biological aging? We’ll talk to noted microbiome expert Dr. Ross Pelton for his expertise on the matter. Then… Brenda and Rob report in on what they’ve discovered of late. Website:

Radical Regeneration

It should be evident by now that we need an antidote for our collective and planetary dark night of the soul. Today’s guest, Andrew Harvey and his co-author Carolyn Baker have drawn from mystical traditions and Sacred Activism to present an alternative to what is surely an existential threat we’ve brought on ourselves. They are the authors of “Radical Regeneration: Sacred Activism and the Renewal of the World”. Website: