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Latest Episodes

Kick Those Allergies!

By now you know we are having a heavy allergy season in the Northwest. We’ll talk to Nate Jones, founder of Xlear, Inc. for his advice on how to spring into allergy season he right way with Xlear Nasal xylitol products. Then, why we have him, we’ll discuss the current state of oral health in America. Website:

Helping Americans Heal

Today on Conscious Talk: By now you might well be pretty burned out if not down-right damaged by these challenging times. And we mean that in a holistic way. So how do we start healing? We’ll talk to David Essel, author of “Helping Americans Heal” for his take on where we’re at and how we can move toward healing. Website:

Probiotics and diversity?!… and sacred activation of peacemaking and ending violence

We have learned so much about our gut when it comes to overall health. We’ll talk to Dr. Ross Pelton about something you may not know about probiotics…. The importance of diversity. What does that mean? Stay tuned he’s coming up next. Then… Some think Spirituality is above worldly concerns. We would beg to differ. We’ll talk to Dr. Rachel Mann about “sacred activation for peacemaking and ending violence”. When we talk about Spirit in action, this is it. Website:

The Still Point

What is our true nature? That’s a question that has become more and more relevant as we experience the dis-function of the world we’ve created and wonder how we got here and how we can shift to a more benevolent situation. We’ll talk to Kevin Krenitsky, author of THE STILL POINT: The Simplicity of Spiritual Enlightenment. The answer he found for himself can serve us all. Website:

Distance Healing

Understanding energetic approaches to health may be outside our conventional medical practices, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t of value. The use of distance healing may seem even further out, but many have felt the value in it. We’ll talk to Mike Carey, an alternative health expert and practitioner of distance healing for his take on how it works and what can be affected by this kind of alternative approach. Website:

Divine Mother Healing

We have said many times on the show that we tend to argue for our limitations even when we have immense resources to solve our problems closer than we think. Believe it or not, our greatest source is the infinite resource of the Divine. We’ll talk to Connie Huebner, author of “DIVINE MOTHER HEALING: Vibrational Tools For Your Body, Mind, and Spirit”. She can witness first hand how the Divine is always present to help. Website:

The Physics and Poetry of Eastern Herbal Medicine

We’ve talked about East meeting West in so many ways, but when it comes to Medicine, there remain many divides. The question is, can the two work together? We’ll talk to Judith Shamosh, PhD., a systems herbalist clinical practitioner and author of “The Physics and Poetry of Eastern Herbal Medicine”. Website:

The Afterlife Frequency

The afterlife will probably be a mystery to most of us until we get there… that is, unless you talk with Mark Anthony. He’s the author of THE AFTERLIFE FREQUENCY as well as “Evidence of Eternity” and “Never Letting Go”. Mark Anthony is our special guest for this hour. Website:

Xlear & Facilitating Breakthrough

Over the years we’ve talked about why keeping your nose clean with Xylitol Nasal Spray is important,. Now, there is even more scientific proof its more important than ever. We’ll…