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Experience. One word that can spell the difference between success and failure. For those who keep an open mind and humbly seek out those with experience, the odds of finding a fresh perspective and achieving a desired goal increases exponentially.

For over three years, Paul Casey, host of Voices of EXPERIENCE and founder of Casey Communications, Inc., has welcomed guests to his radio show in an effort to inform and inspire listeners. His special brand of clear and candid discussion with guests of vast and varying experiences has become a welcome respite for those weary of “shock talk” and self-aggrandizing media.

Benny Mathers, Producer, joins him in the studio each week, and Paul credits him with helping the radio show sound its technical best.

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Summertime and the writing is “easy”

Summertime and so many distractions.  . .not the least of which is beautiful weather. You can have it both; writing productively and a carefree summer. How to enjoy summer and write your book, is the title of Story U Talk Radio, Thursday, August 13th at 4 p.m. (repeats Friday, August 14th at 6 a.m.) “Most new authors think they must …

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Time to forecast the “astro weather”

Saturday, Aug 15 at 6pm (repeating Thursday, Aug 20 at 6 a.m.) is the time to tune in for a very special edition of Talk Cosmos. Join your host, Sue Rose Minahan, and listen to a fascinating discussion about the current and upcoming cosmic “astro weather” as the Sun orbits the Leo archetype and the cosmos continues its cycles paramount …

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A journey into the afterlife and the proof brought back

Eldon and Ravinder Taylor welcome David Ditchfield to share his story of afterlife and the proof of it he has brought back. Provocative Enlightenment presents: Shine on, the remarkable story of how I fell under a speeding train, journeyed to the afterlife, and the astonishing proof I brought back with me! Tune in Monday at 12 p.m. for this fascinating …

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Latest Podcasts

Smile of the Universe – Michael Grosso, Ph.D.

Throughout history, humans have always had extraordinary experiences we often called miracles—events that fill us with wonder and bafflement. The word miracle itself is rooted in the Sanskrit syllable smi, from which we get the English word smile. So, we might say that a miracle refers to a smile induced by certain sensations of awe,…

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WAP and Kamala Harris for VEEP

Listen weekly as your hosts Shantae Young (Tae) and Jasmine Kendrick (Jazz), two opinionated girls from Seattle, offer up their take on what they deem “The Way” and “Not the Way,” on hot topics such as pop culture, politics and music. Follow on Apple Podcasts Follow on Spotify RSS Feed Download Episode  

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Dr. Col. Michael Lewis, Sleep, Good medicine, Use it for your good health

Dr. Col. Michael Lewis (Ret. Army--31 year career) is the founder of Brain Health Education and Research Institute which focuses on nutritional interventions for brain health following concussions and TBIs. He discusses Sleep as a critical factor in our good health, and particularly important during this stressful CoVID time. Sleep is important for a healthy…

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Latest Coronavirus News

After COVID-19 delays, CBS says newly-shot episodes of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ coming July 20

©Jessica Hromas/CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.(LOS ANGELES) — CBS announced on Monday that The Bold and the Beautiful, which resumed production over two weeks ago, will start airing new episodes on July 20.  The daytime drama on June 16 became the first U.S. broadcast series to resume production on stage, following strict COVID-19 safety protocols, but shut down after one day …

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Film, TV production officially OK to resume today in California after COVID-19 shutdown

kckate16/iStock(LOS ANGELES) — After shutting down beginning in March because of the COVID-19 pandemic, today is the day California officials have allowed for film and television production to resume in the state.  However, all productions will have to adhere to a state-mandated set of safety protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  The Los Angeles County Public Health Department …

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It’s no yolk: Texas attorney charged with egging judge’s car over COVID-19 stay-at-home orders

RapidEye/iStock(CONROE, Texas) — An attorney and district judge candidate in Conroe, Texas has been charged with criminal mischief for egging a judge’s car over COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, according to Community Impact Newspaper. The Conroe Police Department charged Eric Yollick, who’s running for district judge in Monroe County, with throwing an egg at current Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough’s car back in …

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Dow plunges almost 7% amid concerns of second COVID-19 wave

iStock/lucadp(NEW YORK) — As states across the country are working on reopening, COVID-19 cases are back on the rise — which is rattling the volatile stock market once more. COVID-19 cases are up in about 20 states, with hospitalizations on the rise in at least eight.  The new trend has health officials concerned that the long-predicted second wave, which was …

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