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Dreams are powerful. Waking up from a powerful dream can have an effect on a person well beyond the dream itself, leaving a person with lots of questions.

Why did I have that dream?

What does it mean?

Will it happen again?

Those seeking answers to their dreams have a wonderful resource in So You Think You’re Awake?, which is heard Mondays from 1 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The program has been a favorite of KKNW listeners for over six years.

“The program is solely focused on nightly dreams. Everybody dreams – even skeptics – so my audience is wide. Fans listen to discover their spiritual gifts and get help with their issues. Skeptics listen to poke fun, and end up becoming fans,” said Michael Sheridan, host of the program.

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USA 2021 Chart is focus of Talk Cosmos

Tune in to Talk Cosmos, January 16th at 6 p.m. as your host Sue Rose Minahan and the 2021 Cosmic Collaboration interprets the aspects of the USA 2021 Inauguration chart. January 20 at noon in Washington DC initiates a new four-year “seed” chart for the USA including the personal lives of citizens, business on any level, government as a whole …

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Tapping the superhuman mind. . .

Professor Berit Brogaard joins Eldon Taylor for Provocative Enlightenment, Monday, January 18th at 12 p.m. to discuss the Superhuman Mind. The Superhuman Mind takes us inside the lives and brains of geniuses, savants, virtuosos, and a wide variety of ordinary people who have acquired truly extraordinary talents, one way or another. Delving into the neurological underpinnings of these abilities, the …

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Story U: Prolific “vulnerable” writers

Story U Talk Radio, heard Thursday, January 14th at 4 p.m. (repeats Friday at 6 a.m.), takes on the topic of “Why Vulnerable Writers Are Prolific.” “Some writers procrastinate while others are consistently prolific. How is it that some people create so much worthy content?” asks Coach Debby. Join her for an hour of insights, tips, and coaching. Each week, …

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Latest Podcasts


PSR talking about spirals and giving readings, plus Sha'ron's Joke(s) of The Week, Skip's Corner.

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Toxic Relationships, Pt. 2

Tune in each week and listen as a relationship therapist and a trauma specialist team up to offer keen insight about the ways that human connections and damaging emotional situations complicate, confuse, and sometimes even conspire to heal and harmonize each other. Follow on Apple Podcasts Follow on Spotify RSS Feed Download Episode  

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