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Latest Episodes

Divine Mother Healing

We have said many times on the show that we tend to argue for our limitations even when we have immense resources to solve our problems closer than we think. Believe it or not, our greatest source is the infinite resource of the Divine. We’ll talk to Connie Huebner, author of “DIVINE MOTHER HEALING: Vibrational Tools For Your Body, Mind, and Spirit”. She can witness first hand how the Divine is always present to help. Website:

The Physics and Poetry of Eastern Herbal Medicine

We’ve talked about East meeting West in so many ways, but when it comes to Medicine, there remain many divides. The question is, can the two work together? We’ll talk to Judith Shamosh, PhD., a systems herbalist clinical practitioner and author of “The Physics and Poetry of Eastern Herbal Medicine”. Website:

The Afterlife Frequency

The afterlife will probably be a mystery to most of us until we get there… that is, unless you talk with Mark Anthony. He’s the author of THE AFTERLIFE FREQUENCY as well as “Evidence of Eternity” and “Never Letting Go”. Mark Anthony is our special guest for this hour. Website:

Xlear & Facilitating Breakthrough

Over the years we’ve talked about why keeping your nose clean with Xylitol Nasal Spray is important,. Now, there is even more scientific proof its more important than ever. We’ll…

Acceptance and Truth

Over the years one of the lessons picked up from multiple guests is that when in doubt, check in with divine sources rather than our limited human ones. In that…

AIM Program

So much has changed energetically in our recent past, and let’s face it, change is still coming. We’ll talk to Roberta Hladek, founder of the AIM Program of energetic balancing…

Whole Brain Living

We’ve all heard of the differences between our right brain and our left. But what if you’re a neuroscientist who has lost the use of her left brain from a…

Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution

Let’s face it, our concept of the “hereafter” keeps us far from the reality that the Divine world supports us in the here and now. Today’s guest, Dimitri Moraitis, believes…

Heart Immune Health & Living Grief

We’ve all been thinking of our health and wellness more than ever. So what is actually essential for heart and immune health from the experts point-of-view? We’ll talk to Jim…