Your wheels will soon be on fire!


Feeling all about motion these days? You are not alone. Listen to Talk Cosmos, Saturday,  August 27th at 6 p.m. (repeats Thursday, September 3rd at 6 a.m.) as host Sue Rose Minahan and her guest wrangle the motivating activation of the personal planet Mars visiting its very own natural sign of Aries – the spark of ignition that lights the fire under our wheels!

“No wonder people are moving en masse,” said Sue, adding, “Combining two fire elements of Aries that individualizes identity with the current Lunar South Node of Sagittarius of belief systems relating to long-distance travel whether across the seas or in our minds to greater visions – people are traveling and moving. Shake, rattle, roll!”

Dr. Laura Tadd, member of the monthly edition of Planet Buzz always brings her sage knowledge to the discussions. Dr. Tadd holds a Ph.D. in Human Science. An internationally known Psychological Astrologer, she works as a consultant as well as teaching and lecturing on astrology in-person and online. An active member of the astrology community, Dr Tadd has sat on regional and international astrology organization boards. Her blogs are found on The Mountain Astrologer, Celestial Vibes and As an astrologer and educator, Dr. Tadd is also a facilitator and board member at Lived Life Resources, an educational nonprofit specializing in resiliency education, research, and advocacy.

Possibly instead of Astrologer Host Sue Rose Minahan, Tara Aal, a Los Angeles astrologer guest may join Dr. Laura Tadd for this coming week. Tara Aal , astrologer, writer, artist who loves spirituality and metaphysics. An Evolutionary Astrologer, she works with the tarot, crystals, Hereticism, and animal medicine. Her approach to the archetypes is experiential and creative. Tara created a series of YouTube videos called “We Are the Planets” through EA (Evolutionary Astrology) Zoom Meetings. Featured on radio and podcasts, Tara is a regular presented at conferences and published in The Mountain Astrologer,, Infinity Astrological Magazine and Celestial Vibes. She is currently the resident astrologer and lead writer for Sage Goddess and serving on the ISAR Board as Marketing Director.

Talk Cosmos is your opportunity to ponder realms of what Carl Jung called the collective unconsciousness that’s shared through time to the present…all through the lens of Sue’s lifetime of peering into astrology.

“Thankfully, I discovered Evolutionary astrology. Its perspective points directly to our unique personal spiritual soul growth…driven by our aligned intentions.  Its promising purpose of soul growth ignited an entirely alive Zodiac. Captured, I felt compelled to study the deep significance of astrological application,” said Sue.

Sue is your guide to focusing the Cosmos kaleidoscope. In the words of Einstein, “Energy’s never destroyed, energy only changes.”

Discover the energy that is Talk Cosmos!