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Why Energy Work Heals

Why Energy Work Heals

In the holistic healing world, energy work means the laying on of hands. This is an ancient spiritual practice mentioned in the scriptures of every religion throughout the ages. How this simple act of touching another, with intention, works has been as mysterious as disease itself. In the past it was thought that only kings and queens could assist healing by a touch. As religion grew in popularity, people then believed only priests and holy men could channel the healing powers of the Divine. In modern times we recognize that lay people can study and perfect the act of healing with their hands. Today the practice is more commonly known as energy work. With over 100 different modalities to choose from, how can the simple action of touch heal?

Healing is a process. Sometimes it occurs in an instant. And when it does, we call the healing miraculous. More often than not, healing occurs over a period of time. But whenever it happens, the precious act of touching another ignites the human energy system, and stimulates consciousness; the true healer of life.

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