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What Limiting Beliefs Are Blocking Your Intuition?

I have often wondered what beliefs hide ones intuition? How can some things be so vivid and easily understood, while others are uncomfortably hidden? Intuition is a constant as is the third eye, located in the center of your head. The third eye is an all —seeing, hearing, feeling-preserving tool. It doesn’t judge or exclude information. It’s on all the time. Its greatest gift is to provide a bigger picture so you can select the wisest option for you!

However, intuitive insight can be thinned or weakened due to filters that are manifested through our undesirable belief system.

Filters can screen-out data from your sensitivity—information that could be freeing if received. Recently I realized that expectations, fueled by unconscious beliefs, support filters that can mislead the needed information to help you stay on your unique yellow brick road of life.

Happily you don’t need to have regression therapy (unless that sounds like fun) to uncover halfhearted beliefs. Instead, recognizing and paying attention to your expectations can clear the clutter from your filters and free your intuitive awareness!

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