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Urban Forum NW 08 – 08 – 19

with Co-Host Hayward Evans:

*Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II represents Missouri’s 5th congressional district which includes most of Kansas City. He comments on the mass murders by white domestic terrorist responsible for the slaughter of innocent people in El Paso and Dayton. And talks about the influence of the Congressional Black Caucus Members that chair 21 committees and sub committees in the House of Representatives.


*Attorney Jesse Wineberry, Sr., a leader in the successful Initiative 1000 (I-1000) a petition to the voters of Washington State to restore Affirmative Action that was eliminated Affirmative Action in 1998 by Initiative-200 (I-200). The I-1000 campaign garnered nearly 400,000 signatures and was passed into law by the legislature April 28, 2019 and will now be challenged on the ballot by Referendum 88 that opposes Affirmative Action.


*Nat Jackson was the sponsor of I-1000 and the initiative was endorsed by former Governors Dan Evans (R), Gary Locke (D), Christine Gregoire (D), and current Governor Jay Inslee (D) and a presidential contender.


*Nichelle Alderson, Owner, INfinitely Well talks about her services that promotes and provides holistic health and wellness services, products, and events. She also comments on Sistas Rock the Arts sponsor open mike, spoken word, and live music every Thursday night at Rhumba Notes Lounge in Columbia City.


*Estela Ortega, Executive Director, El Centro de la Raza comments on the slaughter of innocent people in El Paso and Dayton. She organized a sympathy rally on Tuesday and commented on President Donald J. Trump’s hateful rhetoric that’s inspiring domestic terrorist to murder people of color in OUR COUNTRY.

Join Eddie Rye Jr. and fascinating guests from around the world as they discuss the topics important to today’s world – whether you live in the Northwest or in some faraway country. Eddie uses his years of media experience to get to the heart of every conversation.

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