Turns Out Our Pets Are Anxious, Too!


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Our pets are so good at reading our mood and comforting us when we’re sad or stressed. We can learn to return the favor. 

Poor mental health is surging these days. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 1 in 5 adults struggle with some form of mental health issue.  And our pets are not immune; they are suffering with anxiety and depression just like the rest of us. Research by Guide Dogs UK reveals that nearly 75% of dogs showed signs of poor mental health in 2022.

Much like humans, an animal’s mental distress can manifest as anxiety, fear, or destructive behavior, depending on the severity of the condition. And an animal doesn’t need to experience extreme abuse or neglect to exhibit those symptoms.  Sometimes a big change, such as moving to a new house or losing a loved one can trigger a response. Some dogs are even showing signs of post-covid social anxiety, with “other dogs or cats” surpassing all but “loud noises” as the leading cause of canine anxiety in 2022!

Diagnosing a mental issue can be difficult. After all, your pets can’t tell you how they’re feeling… OR CAN THEY?

Joan Ranquet is an accomplished animal communicator, TEDx Speaker, educator, animal guardian, and author of Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals and their Humans, Creating a Harmonious Relationship through Tapping (Findhorn Press, June 2023).  Joan shares powerful insights for attuning with your pet to identify and address mental health issues they may be experiencing.

Joan’s hands-on animal communication and energy healing processes troubleshoot behavioral and medical issues, stimulate healing (in conjunction with conventional treatment), and deepen her clients’ abilities to care for and understand their animals. Joan believes the capacity to attune to animals and work with them energetically is not a gift for a select few, but an innate ability we can all access with guidance. She teaches down-to-earth skills that enable her students to communicate consistently and confidently with animals. Clients include hundreds of thousands of animal guardians, animal trainers, barn managers, veterinarians, sanctuaries, wildlife, rehab, and therapeutic riding centers, as well as everyday pet owners.

In 2008, Joan founded Communication with All Life University, a program that offers beginning through advanced training and certification in animal communication, energy healing, and nature and wildlife.

Her TEDx talk, “The Rainbow Bridge, Animals in Transition,” has 377,000 plus views, and she has been featured in dozens of media outlets including “The Hollywood Reporter”, “Pet Nation” “Dateline NBC”, “The Today Show”, “Good Morning America”, “Animal Planet,” and more.

Joan’s newest book, Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals and their Humans, Creating a Harmonious Relationship through Tapping (Findhorn Press, 2023) will be out in June.  She is also the author of Energy Healing for Animals: A Hands-On Guide for Enhancing the Health, Longevity, and Happiness of Your Pets (Sounds True, 2015) and Communication with All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House, 2007). She contributed to: The Dharma of Dogs: Our Best Friends as Spiritual Teachers (Sounds True, 2017) and The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom from our Feline Friends (Sounds True, 2019).

Loretta Brown, Host

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