Time to “Man Up” with C-Sesssions


Man up and tune into C-Sessions on Wednesday, December 23rd at 4 p.m. as host Randall Broad welcomes Trevor Maxwell, founder of Man Up to Cancer.

Man Up to Cancer inspires men to connect and avoid isolation during our cancer journeys.

Founded in 2020 by stage IV colon cancer survivor Trevor Maxwell, Man Up to Cancer is a digital content company and online community. We offer a podcast, website, social media channels, and an insanely engaged Facebook group called The Howling Place.

When faced with cancer, women tend to “reach out,” and men tend to “check out.” This tendency toward isolation leads men down the path toward mental health problems, strained relationships, and poor medical outcomes. It’s time for a new path.

We are changing what it means to “Man Up” in the face of cancer. It’s not just about being tough. It means having the courage to accept help, and knowing we are smarter and stronger as a pack than we are as lone wolves.



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Trevor Maxwell, stage IV colon cancer survivor and founder of the Man Up to Cancer podcast.
Photos by Brian Fitzgerald.

Trevor Maxwell is the founder of Man Up to Cancer, a digital content company and online community that inspires men to connect and avoid isolation during their cancer journeys. Trevor has been living with stage IV colon cancer since March of 2018. He has undergone colon surgery, two liver surgeries, thyroid surgery, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. He lives in Maine with his wife and two teenage daughters.

Trevor has a background in journalism, communications, and public relations. He worked as a reporter for daily newspapers from 1998 to 2011. He then launched Maxwell Media and PR, working as a communications consultant across a wide range of industries.

He is passionate about volunteering and collaborating with organizations that support cancer patients and their families, including the Dempsey Center, COLONTOWN, AliveAndKickn, and the American Cancer Society.

Tune in to C-Sessions. . .with Randall Broad every Wednesday at 4 p.m. as he interviews patients, physicians, pharmaceutical, policy experts and others fighting for your rights to the answers you need.

In 2008, Randall was diagnosed with Stage III non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC.)  Following his ‘deemed inoperable’ surgery, the surgeon’s prognosis was a bleak one. He was told, “You best get your things in order.”  With this directive, Randall set about “re-ordering” his life by reprioritizing his values.

First on the list was his family; to have them know each other in a meaningful way.  Next on the relationship ‘to do’ list was his extended cancer family with focus on support, communication, and inspiration.   Twelve years following his lifestyle reboot, he continues amongst the living and sharing healing stories.

The cancer journey led Broad to chronicle key learnings for posterity sake.  What materialized was the Amazon best seller, It’s an Extraordinary Life – Don’t Miss It.  The book has since opened the door to the world of professional speaking and full-time healthcare advocacy.   The take away from this experience was to realize how much people engage by listening to stories…real life stories that touch on the fabric of life.

Last year, Broad subsequently created the program, C-Sessions.  The goal, supporting cancer patients in their journey by creating a healthcare-focused program designed to improve communication and collaboration between Patients and their Healthcare Provider. The bottom-line, to improve outcomes.

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