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Time to “Awaken the Powerful Woman”

Join Susie Hindle Kher, host of Radiantly You! Raising Vibes and Creating Magic, for a very special wellness retreat.

Wild at Heart: Awaken the Powerful Woman in Uncertain Times, is being held in beautiful Budapest, Hungary from September 16 through 22, 2018.

Imagine. . .the sun is setting after an afternoon of soaking away your worries in a beautiful thermal healing bath. You’re strolling along the Danube River watching the boats as sounds of gypsy bands waft across the water. With a sigh of contentment you take in the old-world charm and think: this is why they call Budapest the Pearl of the Danube. You relax into the knowing that you’ll be falling asleep and waking up in a lovingly restored 19th century villa nestled in the Buda Hills. As your thoughts turn to tomorrow, you feel a spark of excitement, knowing that your day will be filled with experiences that will recharge, inspire and empower your wild heart. You’ll be journeying to the heart chakra of Hungary with a Taltos Shaman, indulging in a traditional Turkish hammam body-washing ritual, and empowering your mind, body and spirit with daily coaching sessions to move you out of feeling powerless in a tumultuous world.

This is your invitation to part with old ways, untame your wild heart, and heal obstacles to empowerment, joy and wellness. By the time you return home, you’ll have found your sacred roar and ignited your powerful heart to create the life of grace and wellness that you so desire!

For more information, click here.

Radiantly You! Raising Vibes and Creating Magic airs Wednesdays from 8 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Each week join energy healer, hypnotherapist and intuitive coach Susie Hindle Kher for an empowering show to raise your vibes and create magic. Each week, Susie makes the most of your listening time with a mind-body-spirit show that inspires and is filled with advice to build momentum on your journey of healing and transformation. From book suggestions to leading-edge case studies and actionable strategies, each week has great takeaways for creating a life you love.

In addition to in-person or distance energy healing, hypnotherapy and coaching, Susie offers monthly Sacred Healers’ Circle energy coaching and hosts the Mind-Body-Spirit NW Meetup, with fun activities like and Meditate & Create playshops. She also facilitates transformational retreats.

To learn more about empowered healing with Susie or for the show schedule and archives, visit here.




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