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This week we hear from Toby Nelson with the US Census.  People are filling out their census on line and Seattle was in number one place in the nation, just passed up by Louisville.  Brier is in the top 100 smaller towns to submit online census.  In August employees will begin going door to door to get the information from those who haven’t filled out their forms on line or via mail.

The US Census webpage also has educational tools for teachers and parents.




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Jack Shriner is the Lead Psychotherapist at PacMed, where he works with people of all ages, and he has a keen desire to help kids. Having now spent months in this CoVID reality is a challenge for most of us.  It can be very impactful on our kids, so it is important to be observant, engage with them, and seek professional help when it’s needed. And this is adolescents and teens.  Appointments are being held virtually.























































































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