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This week on our Public Affairs Program Sunday at 5a





This week on our Public Affairs Program, Sunday at 5a:

This week we speak with Rick Henry and Priya Pugh from the Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project. The Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project (CWCAP) has been around since the late 1970s using education in action to promote clean water, the health and safety of salmon, and Puget Sound at Carkeek Park in Northwest Seattle.  Through restoration of Piper’s creek, the CWCAP has been successful in raising, releasing, and harvesting of returning salmon from year to year. With cooperation from the Seattle Public Utilities, Suqamish Indian Nation,  Seattle Public Schools, and many volunteers, salmon are swimming into this urban creek after spending four to five years in the ocean.

Learn more of this success story online at www.carkeekwatershed.org

In our second half its Sunday Morning Magazine with Kate Daniels

Thomas Reynolds who is the CEO of Northwest Harvest joins us with important insights into hunger in our thriving state: 1 in 8 Washingtonians lives in poverty. One in 4 Washington children lives in a household that struggles against hunger. An Northwest Harvest has an excellent network across the state that move “healthy” food to all those in need.  Monetary donations allow them to buy in bulk and thus stretch our $$.  We can be part of an important solution at any time, but “Home Team Harvest”  on Saturday December 2 is a great day to donate and set a good tone for the month.
















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