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This week on our Spotlight with Gary Shipe- Saturday at 7a and Sunday at 5a






This week on Spotlight with Gary Shipe, Sunday at 5a:

This week we’ll hear about Hand in Hand Kids and their Safe Place program from CEO Jay Priebe. They have an ongoing need for backpacks and supplies…The Soldiers of Destiny Scooter club helps out with that….Popular mid-day host on radio station Movin’ 92.5 KQMV Justin Barnes is a member of the SOD and they are hosting their 7th annual Big Hearts & Backpacks fundraiser/party at Ballard’s Pono Ranch on Thursday, August 22nd.
Learn more online at www.handinhandkids.org and www.bigheartsandbackpacks.com/donate


Then stay tuned for  Sunday Morning Magazine with Kate Daniels at 5:30a

Corrie Schumacher is a mother whose 22 year old son, Sam, died tragically in a motorcycle crash. Corrie is an inspiration in her decision to tell Sam’s story–a young man who loved riding fast on his bike.  And he also made the decision when he got is license to check the box to be an organ donor. So while Sam’s life ended too soon, he had a traumatic brain injury, he was able to change the lives of countless other people. 5 people received his major organs, including a young child. Think of their chance for life, and the impact for them an their families. Other people are benefitting as well from his corneas, his skin, his veins–science is doing so much more. Corrie is passionate about sharing the reasons it’s so important to make this decision and to have the conversation with family members.  And contact Life Center Northwest who does this work in the most kind and compassionate ways.