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This week on Spotlight with Gary Shipe, Sunday at 5a:

This week we hear from the President/CEO at Food Lifeline, Linda Nageotte and Mark Coleman, the Senior Marketing /Media Relations Officer about the monumental effort it takes to feed the hungry in Western Washington everyday.

Food Lifeline can be considered the food bank for food banks. They supply nutritious meals to 301 food banks, meal programs, and shelters in 17 Washington counties everyday. Linda and Mark talk of the ongoing need to rescue food before it is dumped into land fills. The amount of food we waste each year in America is astounding; all along the food supply chain from farmers, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, etc.

In the midst of their Holiday Match Campaign, monetary donations from the public help much more than a food drive can.

Learn more online at www.foodlifeline.org



In our second half its Sunday Morning Magazine with Kate Daniels

Luke Minor, Washington College Savings Plans Director, has updated info on the 2 current plans.  GET (Guaranteed Education Tuition) the 529 plan we’ve had for the past 20 continues, and thrives. Now we have an added plan: DreamAhead–which provides account owners select savings options. The plans offer Washington families the flexibility of saving for college education for our kids. It provides an invaluable gift of demonstrating that we believe our kids can and need to go on to further education. It cuts down on future debt. And if the kids get scholarships, the funds can be used for other education costs. If the kids decide to take a different path, the funds can be used for other family members, or even ourselves.  The current enrollment period is underway, and continues through May.  This is a great time to invite family and friends to contribute to a plan as a holiday, or birthday gift.