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The Way with Jazz & Taé – Dating in 2019

Ep. 21 – The Way ft. New Track City

In episode 21 of the Way, Jazz and Tae get serious about relationships and get a male perspective from two-thirds of the rap trio, New Track City. Everyone agrees that communication is key in any relationship, but the group discusses the nuances that can follow or persist when open and direct communication doesn’t work and how do you nicely tell someone to “TAKE A HINT”.

Jazz and Tae get to know a little bit more about Dru and Bem by playing a hilarious icebreaker..

New Track City discusses their music history, and the reason they began to rap as a group, while also touching on their major hip-hop influences and tease a big new project coming out next year.

What do you think? Join our conversation in the comments, and tell us if you thought this interview was #TheWay or #NottheWay. Let us know what you want to hear us talk about next time or if you have a question for us!

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*A special thank you to PodNow for allowing us to use their studio to record this interview!*

Important links for more information below:

New Track City
Website: www.allnewtrackcity.com
Instagram: @itsthecity
Twitter: @newtrackcity253
Search “New Track City” on any streaming service to listen to their music now.
Here’s a link to their newest single, Keep it Trill (https://music.apple.com/us/album/keep-it-trill/1452991394?i=1452991395)

The Way Jazz and Tae
Insta: @thewayjazzandtae
Twitter: @TheWayJT
YouTube: The Way with Jazz and Tae

Instagram: @jazzymonet93

Instagram and Twitter: @sry_boutit

Shantaé Song of the Week
Doin’ Too Much by Kash Doll – https://soundcloud.com/kashbratz/doin-too-much
Rules by Doja Cat –

Jasmine Song of the Week
Ready Set Go by Kash Doll – https://soundcloud.com/kashbratz/ready-set-feat-big-sean

Bem’s Album of the Week
Jesus is King by Kanye – https://soundcloud.com/kanyewest/sets/jesus-is-king-5

Dru’s Album of the Week
Port of Miami 2 by Rick Ross – https://soundcloud.com/rickyrozaymmg/sets/port-of-miami-2-2

Listen weekly as your hosts Shantae Young (Tae) and Jasmine Kendrick (Jazz), two opinionated girls from Seattle, offer up their take on what they deem “The Way” and “Not the Way,” on hot topics such as pop culture, politics and music.

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