The Truth About Being a Family Man in Today’s World

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It can be hard to be a father in today’s world. You want to be there for your family, but it seems like work and other obligations always get in the way, because you’re trying to be the best provider you can be.

You feel guilty that you’re not able to spend more time with your kids and partner, and you worry about how the lack of time is impacting your relationship with them.

Tim Dunn, author of Dad On Purpose, is joining Love Shack to explore what it’s like to be a family man in today’s world.

“Together, we’ll discuss the challenges and difficulties that men face when trying to connect with the ones they love the most, and share some of the secrets that they wish they could share. Have you ever wanted to know what your husband is really thinking about? Men, are you feeling alone and misunderstood most of the time? This episode is for you,” said Staci Bartley, who, along with her husband Tom, hosts the weekly program. “We’re going to discuss how society has changed the expectations for men and why they often struggle to connect with their families. We’ll also provide some advice for women on how to better understand and support the men in their lives. Join us as we open up a new level of communication that will improve all of your relationships.”

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After listening to this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of the challenges and difficulties that men face when trying to connect with others. You’ll also be armed with some great tips and advice on how to build stronger relationships with the men in your life.

As a father of boys and girls, twins and singles, and toddlers and teenagers, Dad On Purpose author Tim Dunn has learned humility and tenacity from a wide variety of parenting missteps. Working as an insurance executive for over 25 years while also coaching, traveling, and dadding, he understands first-hand the importance of balance to a father and his family.

He is the founder of, a community dedicated to helping fathers achieve balanced strength across all aspects of fatherhood.

In this episode, they’re covering several key topics about the truth about being a family man in today’s world, including:

  • How the saying “grown men don’t cry” has forced men to emotionally shut down.
  • How men can more easily emotionally connect with their children and partners.
  • What women need to know to understand why the men they love struggle.
  • Secret truths men wish they could share.

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