The Science of Names: What Your Name Says About You

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How many different ways have you attempted to understand yourself or your partner on a deeper level?

“I’m sure you’ve heard of the Meyers Briggs test, looked up your astrological sign, or read the 5 Love Languages? Checking to see if you’re compatible with your partner or spouse is irresistible, isn’t it? Assessments and quizzes have almost become an obsession to see if we can better comprehend our pasts, and also predict our futures…especially when it comes to love,” said Staci Bartley, host of Love Shack Live, heard Thursdays at 1 p.m.

“The truth is, we all want to understand ourselves and our partners better, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start,” she siad.

Learn more about how your own name can lead to better understanding of yourself and others by tuning into Love Shack Live, Thursday, January 20th at 1 p.m. 

Most people don’t even think about their name as having any significance beyond what they are called and are unaware of the wealth of information their name holds. But, your name is actually an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to understand yourself and others better.

Sharón Lynn Wyeth has dedicated her life to studying names and she is here to share her knowledge with us. In this episode, she’s going to reveal how your name can offer insights into your strengths, challenges, and the purpose of your life. You won’t want to miss this!

On the January 20th edition of Love Shack Live, hosts Staci and Tom will be interviewing Sharón Lynn Wyeth who is an internationally recognized name expert. We are talking all about how your name can share insights and details about a person’s personality, health, life core lessons, and even expose how they love. Knowing the meaning and significance of your name can give you a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

“I must admit, I was very skeptical at first. When Sharón and I finally connected, I quizzed her long and hard about her science, and then using my name, she told me things about myself I sensed but had never shared! Sharon then went on to share with me about my parents who have both died and left this earthly experience. This was very special for me. I was so moved, I just had to share it with you! Join us to witness her in action as she uncovers for us all the power and insights that are held within our names. It’s simply astounding! Tune in to learn more,” said Staci, adding, “After listening to this podcast episode, I promise you will want to know more about your own name and the names of those around you!”

Sharón Wyeth created Neimology® Science, the study of the placement of the letters in a name, after 15 years of research. She has assisted many businesses and individuals in deciphering their name’s strengths, challenges, and purposes in life. Wyeth is the founder of Neimology® Science, which is the study of the placement of letters within a name. She has written several best-selling books on the topic and is a frequent guest on both radio and television programs.

In this episode, they’re covering several key topics about how to navigate the parenting journey as a couple, including:

  • How Sharón became an expert on names and how she came up with this system.
  • Do we grow into our name or somehow do our parents have this good intuition on what to call us?
  • How do our names say something about us as people?
  • How can understanding Neimology® Science help us create healthier relationships?

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