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The Magic of Spirituality

The Magic of Spirituality


Everyday our souls create opportunities to awaken—to wake from fear, procrastination, anger, conflict, anxiety, loneliness, illness, judgment and regret. If we surrender to spirit in our moments of dread, magic envelops our being and creates space. In this clumsy moment we experience a quickening of conscious; a shutter-speed recognition of truth.  When our humanness yields to the presence of divine spirit, it gives us the courage to change.

I had one of those divine moments many years ago in my walk-in closet, curled up in a fetal position, sobbing. I shivered from fear throughout my body, an unfortunate yet familiar happening.  Somehow, on this day a separate part of me let my mind take a quick break from the fright–like a skip in a vinyl record. I started to wonder—there’s no rational reason for this drama. He had done this many times before–shouted in rage that he was leaving for good. He always returned. I always took full responsibility. Yet there I was—again–snotty, hiding in shame, and terrified out of my mind.

Experiencing the rush of a new thought in that situation opened up my mind to other ideas. Perhaps my tears are about my dad, not my husband? My dad left the family when I was seven.  The oldest of five, I had the heavy responsibility for the wellbeing of my younger siblings.  As a child I had the impression that he was the only one who really cared for me.  My body responded to this novel objection and stoped rocking back and forth.

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