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The Confessional returns to Alternative Talk 1150 this Sunday at 1pm!

After a brief hiatus Alternative Talk is happy to welcome back The Confessional with Christine Cisneroz at the new time slot of 1p Sundays!

The Confessional Radio Show is a venue for all who want to transcend our current state of living to one that thrives at a higher frequency and is deeply resonant to our souls – individually and globally. Our world is getting smaller every day, what with the advent of new technologies. Though periodically disconcerting, when we allow those same technologies to lead us farther away from meaningful, one-on-one communication, a profound opportunity to discover and employ these tools to accomplish our highest good, resides therein.

Enter The Confessional Radio Show, hosted by Christine Cisneroz,

Divided into two distinct halves, this program tackles life’s seemingly insurmountable problems, by identifying and utilizing the motivation found within the issues, for the best possible solutions, made accessible through simple steps. To this end, the first half of the program features a person, group, company or organization that is on the path of creating intensely valuable change with their products, services, and contributions to the world.

“Transforming what seem to be our problems into our ever-unfolding personal power, and realizing it in the material world, is an optimal way to utilize this program, and this station” said Cisneroz. “I envision this as an opportunity for us all to draw closer and cooperatively create solutions for ourselves and the world.”

The second half of the show involves a guest who talks about a need in our community or world that requires listeners’ help. The spirit of working together flourishes in this program as the host and her guest seek out real-world solutions to the problems discussed. More importantly, listeners can join the airwaves with their own thoughts and insightful contributions.

“I do not believe that we are connected as individuals, but rather, that we are all one. Thus, when we hear one person’s expression, though individually unique, we know that it is equally resonant and imperative on both the micro and macro levels,” she said. “Listeners’ participation is of the upmost importance as this show is an ongoing dialogue, instead of a static monologue. In this way, we all become the speaker and the listener, a truly effective and empowering way to communicate and be heard.”

In short, some talk shows are just that. . .a lot of talk. The Confessional Radio Show is a conversation that aims to move people and the planet in a transformative, sustainable, solution-driven direction.

Be a part of The Confessional Radio Show . For more information click on: www.confess2bless.com.

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