Summer eclipse season is heating up


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“We will investigate the July 4-5 Lunar Eclipse of 15 ° Capricorn,” said host Sue Rose Minahan, adding, “It’s significant in several ways. The Lunar Full Moon eclipse is the 3rd eclipse in this summer’s eclipse season. The difference being, this eclipse is in the same signs as the last nodal axis of Cancer Capricorn, which concluded May 6 when the current nodal axis of North Node Gemini and South Node Sagittarius began their 18 month cycle.”

Eclipses occur when the sun and moon align with earth and the ecliptic sun path for one or the other’s luminary light to be blocked. This particular eclipse also can be referenced as the USA’s natal solar return as the natal sun is 13° Cancer and the sun will be exact on this degree. A full moon is in the opposite sign of the New Moon which is when both sun and moon are at the same degree for the archetypal month. Full Moon’s culminate the energy of the New Moon, though for the next number of months, the New Moon for the archetypal astrology month will be after the Full Moon. If the Full Moon’s after the New Moon, the Full Moon culminates what seeded with the New Moon and we’d look to see what might of culminated from the New Moon. In this case, when the Full Moon’s prior, I think of it as looking to see what might be released from the energy of the Full Moon to make room for the New Moon in 2 weeks, as they occur every 2 weeks.

Talk Cosmos welcomes back for this eclipse talk, Paetra Tauchert, a certified Evolutionary Astrologer, writer, artist, master gardener and observer, lover of life and the stars also hosts a radio show, Astroscape that features music. Paetra adds her personal perspective through the astrology lens for the musicians and their music for each program. She writes a regular astrology, culture and “Heirloom Magic” blog, with a New Moon/Full Moon newsletter, consults and creates specialized Astro Books for her clientele. Paetra’s residing in Sebastopol California.

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