-Nathan and Mike

“The Science of tomorrow starts with the technology of today” is the quote that fans of TechTime hear as each show, video or podcast ends. It’s a fitting bow for the package that is TechTime, because the host and cohost have their feet firmly planted in the now as they cast their eyes to the future.

Nathan Mumm and Mike Gorday teamed up over two years ago to bring audiences valuable nuggets of technology advice, direction and simple food for thought. Through it all, they have threaded in their special brand of humor and personality.

“We have been excited to bring TechTimeRadio to audiences over the past two years, and we have even expanded to a full video presentation of our show. We have also been a part of KKNW for over a year plus now,” said Nathan.

Like the old saying, necessity is the mother of invention, Nathan and Mike saw a need to share their brand of expertise and radio became just the vehicle to deliver that message.

“We’ve had requests from local businesses and clients wanting to get the technical information from Nathan weekly, without being charged an hourly billable rate,” said Mike.

Billed as the technology show for your commute, exercise, or drinking fun, TechTime airs live on Alternative Talk 1150 at 4 p.m. on Saturdays and then repeats on the station Thursdays at 6 a.m. In a recent expansion of their program, Nathan added sister station, AM 880 KIXI to their lineup. The show on KIXI airs Tuesdays at 3 p.m.

“Listen to the best 60 minutes of technology news and information in a segmented radio format while sipping a little whiskey on the side. We cover Top Tech Stories with a funny spin, this is a show that allows you to listen once a week and stay up-to-date on technology in the world without getting into the weeds,” said Nathan.

Both Nathan and Mike have built a broadcast style format that is perfect for the everyday person who wants a quick update on technology. As a bonus, listeners get two fun caricatures driving humor on the show.

In addition to the radio show, the program is sent to YouTube as well as podcast via most all major platforms.

“The biggest challenge on doing a radio show is the prep time and working with your studio engineer to get all the added audio, media clips, and music for each show,” said Mike.

Quality audio and engaging content requires an attention to detail and both Nathan and Mike strive hard to make it happen week in and week out.

“We have done cross-promotions and worked with other KKNW radio shows, from show notes to technology setups. As for our listeners, we drive people to our website for all other interactions. We have a policy that people can remember only one engagement process for a show, so we send them to TechTimeRadio.com for all related items,” said Nathan.

Nathan is a Snohomish County multi-business executive. Born in 1973, his success in both property management, and technology investments have allowed him the ability to venture in many local businesses. He is the current radio talk show host for TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm. Nathan worked 10 years at Microsoft and 5 years at Vulcan Inc in the Seattle area. He was the original owner of the Snohomish County Explosion professional basketball team that played in the International Basketball League. Mumm is known as a key leader in Snohomish County regarding technology business and entertainment. Growing up in the town of Marysville he graduated from Marysville Pilchuck High School in 1992. He currently lives in the town of Snohomish, Washington.

Mike originally from Arizona moved to Washington many years ago. With an MA degree, he is a Human Solutions Consultant and Coach living in the Seattle Area.  He combines his continuing education in human behavior, over 20-year career experience in the helping field, and 20 years studying martial arts in assisting others navigating the often rocky road of obtaining goals and changing their lives.

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