preview-full-Stacy Heller Spotlight

Connectivity and electricity go hand and hand. A solid connection is vital to the flow of energy moving uninterrupted from one place to another.

People who know Stacy Heller, host of Don’t Ask Me to Talk, heard Tuesdays at 3 p.m. and via podcast, will likely tell you she has seemingly boundless energy. For listeners to her show/podcast and clients of her business, STACY CONNECTS, her positive electricity is hard to miss.

“The entire model of my business is about being of service to others by connecting them. Whether it’s connection to themselves, their mission, or their potential, I love showing people what’s possible by being open and curious,” Stacy said, adding, “I also have a tendency to ‘collect’ people that are going through a rough time; I seek out those that feel unseen and hopefully help them see their value.”

Fans of her programming know they are in for a fun and freewheeling conversation when they tune in to listen. Each week, Stacy uses her gift of gab, love of making connections, and her experiences from being human to inject levity and laughs into her listeners’ day.

“My program is about connection through conversation. During each show and podcast, I share my ‘perspectacles’ on a variety of topics as I chat with guests and callers. I used to think I was smart, it turns out I’m just highly attuned to others, coupled with being articulate – there’s a big difference.”
Throughout her one-hour program, Stacy interviews guests on professional and personal topics, shares her insights and recommendations, brainstorms about ideas, and asks and answers all questions big and small. Additionally, she welcomes listeners to call in and connect with their own ideas, questions, or insights.

“The ultimate mission of Don’t Ask Me to Talk is to demonstrate how conversation and creativity result in increased connectivity,” she said, adding, “Like a snowflake, every program I do is unique. However, how do you choose which snowflake you let land on your mitten? That’s personal. And that’s what I do best, make personal connections with a wide variety of people. I love authentic conversation; it disarms almost everyone.”

Stacy’s first show aired in November of 2020, having made the decision to have her own radio show and podcast after people in her life kept telling her to take the plunge. No doubt they got the wheels in her mind turning, because soon enough she committed and hasn’t looked back since.

Besides her business, radio show, and podcast, Stacy’s energy is generously spent on her family and friends. Being a married mother of four children, Stacy says it has been important to create a home and lifestyle that is a hub and magnet for those around her.
Stacy says she has no plans to rest on her laurels, and that the future is always being puzzled in her mind.

“I plan to continue with Don’t Ask Me to Talk for as long as I have something to share that adds value. I’ve also discovered I have a knack for finding radio/podcast talent and am proud that I’m currently associated in some way with five other shows besides my own,” Stacy said, adding, “I have acquired valuable life lessons, and I encourage others to play in the radio/podcast sandbox with me.”

As Stacy says time and again, it’s all about connecting.

“I believe the foundation for any type of success is connection. When connecting with clients and my audience, I brainstorm ideas that are unique to them and see potential where they only see problems. In the end, I am their biggest fan.”