It’s been said that everyone is a little psychic. That may be true, but what if you knew to your core that you were psychic; not just a little, but a lot, and most all of the time?

How would that change your life?

How would you use your gift?

Skip and Sha’ron Leingang, hosts of twice-weekly The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show, knew the answers to those questions years ago and have been forging a positive path ever since.

Each week, they set out to teach the entire spectrum of the metaphysical world in order to awaken and facilitate a spiritual journey for their listeners. They cover all bases, from hosting weekly Psychic Showcases and monthly Talking to the Other Side events, to organizing classes and then firing up the microphones of their radio show.

Skip and Sha'ron

Sha’ron and Skip, Hosts

Listening to their program is an excellent jumping on point to learn about their interesting mission, a mission, they say, to help others tackle their own questions.

Soon after starting with just one hour per week, Sha’ron and Skip learned that demand for their content was fast growing. That steady demand has also led to years on the air.

The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show airs Tuesdays at 1 p.m. and Saturdays at 12 p.m.

“Sha’ron and I have been on the air for a total of eight years. We took a break within those years, but we were strongly urged by friends, clients, and colleagues to go back on the air, and have never looked back,” said Skip.

Sha’ron says she was born with her gifts, while Skip received his after a profound near-death experience in 1976. Now, they conduct their readings together, and work together as one to deliver the maximum enlightenment.

Skip and Sha’ron have been married for 47 years, and, in an effort to help others, have devoted the majority of their lives to teaching about the Metaphysical. They formed the Psychic Spectrum in 1999 as a means to teach the entire spectrum of the Metaphysical and Paranormal. In addition to their radio show, they do this life’s work through conducting 17 live events each month. . .some online and most for free.

“We’re unique in that besides being married for 47 years, and having the same interests and abilities in the Metaphysical and the Paranormal realm, are the only psychic/medium couple in the country currently working together,” said Sha’ron, adding, “By that, I mean we read together for people; no matter if it is on the air, in person, doing a private psychic reading, or talking to the other side for someone.”

Skip and Sha’ron say they are strongly committed to ethical practices and operate only in The White Light. Sha’ron and Skip have performed over 75,000 readings. They have clients in 50 states, and in 17 countries. Their readings generally last from 60 to 90 minutes, and are recorded. The recording emailed to the client following each reading.

Between their practice and their radio show, the dynamic duo are certainly busy. This is not to say they aren’t looking for even more ways to better connect with fans of their show and Psychic Spectrum.

“Besides the radio shows, we doing live in-person events at the Poodle Dog Restaurant in Fife, Washington. The event is on Wednesday evenings each week.. With the lessons we learned from the Covid-19 lockdown, we broadcast those events live, online, and anyone from anywhere in the world can join in. . .everyone gets to fully participate in the event,” said Skip.

Like for most people, Covid-19 certainly put a wrench in Sha’ron and Skip’s 2020 plans.

They both agree that the biggest challenge they faced in doing their radio show was to overcome the Covid-19 restrictions. Having a background in technology, they built their own home studio with the tools necessary to stay on the air in a quality-sounding fashion. They took those lessons learned and applied them to other aspects of Psychic Spectrum.

“We were the first and the only group to immediately adapt our events into a live, on-line experience. That decision has brought us clients and friends from all over the country and even Canada,” said Sha’ron.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Skip and Sha’ron are wasting no time getting back into the full swing of things. They have a growth plan in place and at its heart is expanding their message.

“We’d love to do a radio show five days a week and are keeping that in our sights. We are always looking for people interested in growing their business and would like to have a commercial on radio,” said Skip.

Besides getting the word out about The Psychic Spectrum, Skip and Sha’ron say they simply want to help as many people as possible discover their own true self, so they have the opportunity to develop their own spirituality.

One recent addition to the Psychic Spectrum lineup has been the segment Haunted Place – Man on the Streets with Matt Shea. With an avid interest in haunted places, Matt has researched and visited many such places throughout the USA.

Matt Shea, Host

“You would never expect to hear about the haunted history of these places, but, now you can. Once per month, Matt reveals the details about the ghosts who haunt those interesting places,” said Skip.

Matt Shea is a local, successful author and you can learn more about his work here (insert)

Similarly, Debbie Ballard joined the lineup with her segment, Phenomenon on the Streets.

Debbie Ballard, Host

Listeners can tune in the fourth Tuesday of every month as Debbie, experienced Astrologer and Psychic reveals details – in plain English – about what the month might bring for you!

Learn more about this amazing woman and her work at, or email or call 760-289-6570.

Maybe you have felt a growing sense of psychic ability?

Maybe you have questions about your own path that simply need answers?

Maybe you are just curious and want to see what all the fuss is about?

If so, tune into The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show every week on Alternative Talk 1150AM or more information log on to, call 253-335-3340, or email