Somewhere, out there, on the highways and byways that stretch across America, is an Airstream trailer that is the temporary home of a KKNW radio host as she achieves the half-way mark of her nationwide “recharge the internal batteries tour.”

Sunny Joy McMillan, host of Sunny in Seattle for the last 6-1/2 years, heard Fridays at 9 a.m. (repeats Wednesdays at 6 a.m.), has taken to the open road for a year-long adventure. Sunny, her partner, and two kitties set off six months ago to see the country and find new renewed balance in their lives. One thing they certainly found along the way was a ginormous puppy that joined them quite serendipitously about three days into their journey.

“She literally came crashing out of the desert underbrush onto the highway in a remote area outside of Mojave, California,” Sunny said.

Sunny certainly deserves the change in landscape as she has worked hard for many years to make her show a success.

“I am a one-woman operation. I do a live show, interviewing a different guest every week, so not only am I consistently sending out inquiries to potential guests and managing the show calendar, but also take the time to read my guest’s book cover to cover or listen to their podcast or make an in-depth review of their website,” said Sunny, adding, “This means a significant portion of my week is devoted to the show, all the while on my dime. While it is challenging, it is still my true labor of love.”

Sunny must be doing something right as her show has outlasted even entire radio formats in the highly competitive Seattle market.

After moving to the region from Austin, Texas in 2012, Sunny began her own spiritual journey. It was during her inward work that she happened upon KKNW with its Mind, Body and Spirit programming.

“It was such a balm for my soul. I didn’t know talk radio could be so positive and mind-expanding,” she said. “I loved listening to Conscious Talk, Mystic Radio, The Marie Manuchehri