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Special message from Psychic Spectrum

Sha’ron and Skip, hosts of The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show, heard Saturdays and noon and Tuesdays at 1 p.m., have a special message for their audience this holiday season:

“We want to let you know that even though we will not be on the air with you during the Holidays, we will miss all of you, and your calls,” said Sha’ron.

Skip added: “We want to wish all of our listeners a Very Merry Christmas, and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!”

To help you facilitate this, they want to offer you a form of manifesting that will help that along:

Sha’ron & Skip present their “Annual Abundance Ritual” – for the New Year

If you want to have the abundance you need for the New Year, try this little ritual, and watch the results throughout the new year. They will be posting the New Years Eve – Abundance Ritual on their website on 12-27-19. You can print it off and use it every year, as they have done for the last 45 years.

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1. They “ant” to …..

2. To help you facilitate this, they “says”

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