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Tune in weekly for a healthy dose of Style! With Wisdom From The Wardrobe, brought to you by the Michael Bruce Image Consulting Team, Hosted by Bruce Pflaumer owner and style expert extraordinaire. Pamela Forgrieve, certified image consultant, stylist, resident Brit gal and shoe queen. Bec Relyea, fabulous stylist, travel enthusiast and thrift culture countess. Stacy Heller, branding specialist, pop culture princess and east coast transplant.

Sit back, relax, grab a beverage, and enjoy a lighthearted yet illuminating show that demystifies the world of style and fashion. Breaking down barriers, debunking style myths, imparting style wisdom while introducing everyone to the idea of finding their own fabulous sense of style, and how to achieve it.

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Who Understood The Assignment!
It must be May. This week on Wisdom From The Wardrobe the Michael Bruce Image Consulting style team were all a twitter as they talked all things Met Gala. From a little history on the origins of the event, to this year’s exhibit and the events theme of Gilded Glamour and White Tie. Which celebrities appeared to understand the assignment and put their interpretation or spin on” late 19th century clothing through a modern lens”?. Listen in to hear what the team had to say and what the highlights were for them. Happy Listening!
Come Fly With Me
As they dream of warmer weather! This week on Wisdom From The Wardrobe the Michael Bruce Image Consulting team talk strategies and tips for packing for that stylish beach vacation. How many swimsuits is enough?, should you go all in on the shoes? Dresses verses rompers or shorts, and of course Stacy keeps it real with pertinent questions. Listen in for advice to make your next warm weather trip a breeze. Happy Listening!
Part Deux
The style questions and answers continue on this episode of Wisdom From The Wardrobe with Michael Bruce Image Consulting. Are skinny jeans dead? Can I keep wearing knee high boots in the summer? are just a sample of the questions posed to the style team this time around. See what they had to say on the subject, and of course don’t miss their colorful commentary with the in the style news segment.