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Tune in weekly for a healthy dose of Style! With Wisdom From The Wardrobe, brought to you by the Michael Bruce Image Consulting Team, Hosted by Bruce Pflaumer owner and style expert extraordinaire. Pamela Forgrieve, certified image consultant, stylist, resident Brit gal and shoe queen. Bec Relyea, fabulous stylist, travel enthusiast and thrift culture countess. Stacy Heller, branding specialist, pop culture princess and east coast transplant.

Sit back, relax, grab a beverage, and enjoy a lighthearted yet illuminating show that demystifies the world of style and fashion. Breaking down barriers, debunking style myths, imparting style wisdom while introducing everyone to the idea of finding their own fabulous sense of style, and how to achieve it.

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Grunge & Gorpcore, Not Just for Nirvana & The 90’s
Another fun and informative episode of Wisdom from the Wardrobe with the Michael Bruce Image Consulting style team! This week, the topic is elevating grunge and gorpcore with their signature blend of expertise and humor. You can expect a lighthearted approach to this "trendy" topic. Transform your casual and comfortable looks in to elevated outfits with practical tips and a touch of humor. Whether you're a fan of the grunge era or a lover of the latest gorpcore trend, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to add a fresh approach to their style. Happy Listening!"
Seattle, A Style Capital
This week on Wisdom From The Wardrobe the Michael Bruce Image Consulting style team react to a recent article that had the bold title “Seattle Is The Anti Fashion Capital of the World” the article then went on to site a claim by Esquire, that said “It’s Time To Admit That Seattle is A Style Capital. listen in as the team digs deeper into the article to discover what it was trying to convey. Grunge and Gorp feature heavily, and its impact on the fashion and style world is recognized. As always there is a slice of fun with the in the news segment as well. Happy Listening!
Changing Of The Seasons
This week on Wisdom From The Wardrobe the Michael Bruce Image Consulting Style team touched on the changes in season. From your transition in closet, to your transition in life’s seasons, it all plays a part in how you approach your style. So, from being hot or cold outside, to hot, hot, hot no matter where you are the team had something to share. As always nothing is off the table whether that’s moisture wicking under garments to moisture inducing pleather pants, throw in and cotton Mu Mu’s and the conversation is as fun as always. Happy Listening