Vitality Health Show

Tuesdays 7am-8am

Radio Talk Show Host and Natural Health and Wellness guru, Stephanie Parrish will leave you eager to learn more as she interviews the world’s leading experts in fields of Wellness, Polychromatic Light therapy, Hyperbaric, Micro-circulation, and many other alternative modalities.

Her guest’s will share their expertise and understanding in each of these areas, as well as many other modalities. They will open your eyes to much more than traditional therapies. With hope and healing as her focus, you will glean powerful information from her internationally syndicated program,

Vitality Health Show. You can also find Stephanie on multiple podcast sites, apps, national radio and social media channels. Join Stephanie today, and find hope and healing for you or those you love.

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Stephanie Parrish CLt, HBOt
Your Voice of Hope and Healing