Good conversation is hard to come by, and great conversation. . .well. . .that’s even rarer.
Look no more and simply tune in each Monday at 3 p.m. and be prepared to settle in and listen to This Show is All About You, hosted by JDK Wyneken.
JDK is a fiction author, PhD historian, poet, storyteller, and social commentator with an affinity for good food and better conversation. Join him every week as he explores what it means to be you, by hearing about him and his take on the world around us as found in history, current affairs, literature, media, sports, and whatever else there is to explore. Take what you want from JDK’s unique outlook and good humor, all with a healthy dose of emotional intelligence, personal connection, and strategic irreverence for the Way Things Are Usually Done.
JDK was raised on the beaches of Hawaii and Southern California, has lived all over the nation, and has traveled the world, yet is most at home with his own self. He also has reimagined and rebuilt his life after battling through addiction. With years of experience speaking with, listening to, and learning from people of all ages, JDK now brings his unique voice to talking about you, via his extensive experience with himself.
Learn more about this amazing host and his show:
Facebook: JDKWyneken
Instagram: jdkwyneken
Twitter: @jdkwyneken
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