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The best conversations are rooted in connection; better connection improves relationships; stronger relationships are the building blocks of a better world. That is the foundation for This Show is All About You, hosted by JDK Wyneken.

Tune in to hear a thoughtful conversation between JDK and his weekly guest about discovering and building upon connections. Featured guests are invited for their unique experiences and stories that resonate, whether they be about the Big Things in Life we all face or the Little Joyful Things That We Often Miss  – or both.

JDK is a fiction writer, PhD historian, poet, storyteller, and social commentator with an affinity for making the complex easier to understand and embrace. His interests and experiences range far and wide, and he isn’t shy about sharing his unique and insightful takes on history, current affairs, literature, media, music, travel, sports, cooking, or whatever else JDK and his guests explore. It’s all delivered with a healthy dose of humor, emotional intelligence, personal reflection, and strategic irreverence for the accepted notions of How Things Should Be Done.



JDK Wyneken, Host

JDK was raised on the beaches of Hawaii and Southern California and has lived all over the country. While he has traveled the world, he is most at home with his own imperfect self. Having reimagined and rebuilt his life after his battle through addiction, JDK knows what it’s like to work through and accept the ugly parts of life to better appreciate its gifts.

Combine all that with years of connecting with, listening to, and learning from people of all ages and stages, and you have a host willing and uniquely able to share his full life on the airwaves in order to connect with listeners – ensuring his show is, indeed, All About You.

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Twitter: @jdkwyneken

Four of a Kind
Episode 113: "Four of a Kind" For the week preceding Memorial Day, JDK tells the story of four young men who served with distinction as fighter pilots in World War II. Each of them achieved the distinction of "Ace" - meaning they shot down at least five enemy aircraft in combat. While each of these men survived the war, their comrades who did not survive remained close to their hearts and minds for the rest of their long lives in peacetime. For these men - as for us - the sacrifices of the men who died serving their country meant far more than any distinctions received by those who came home.
Friends For Fifty
Episode 112: "Friends For Fifty"   This week, JDK tells the story of three lifelong friends - Matt, Sean, and Jay - whose lives have taken them all in very different directions, yet somehow have nevertheless remained connected across time, space, and life circumstances. It is a story about childhood, growing up, and reflecting back on all facets of life with gratitude first, and everything else second. 
23 Handwritten Letters, Is All: The Story of Julia and Gavin
How many profound changes in our individual and community lives happen without anyone knowing about them? Or are we so besotted with being noticed that no positive change can go unseen or unpunished by someone? Have we moved away permanently from seeing the positive potential in others - particularly our leaders? In this episode, JDK tells a true story from history that offers the possibility of answering a resounding "NO" to those questions, and instead offers up a lesson we can all embrace as the best way to move forward in our own lives.