The Remarkable Relationships Show

Wednesdays 9am-10am

The Remarkable Relationships Show brings a fresh perspective on all things related to

how humans develop their individual brilliance while navigating the excitement, stickiness and resistance in their relationships.  Host Mercy Russell interviews a wide range of relationship experts and ordinary people for their insights and the magic in their stories.

“We will take an in-depth look at problems in mental, emotional and social behavior that seem to plague us. With a focus on relieving suffering, we will explore how relationships can both bind us and free us from our troubles,” Mercy said.

Mercy also conducts call-in hours to address your questions with specific recommendations. Her hope is that you find a new perspective to lift your spirits as you pursue fulfillment of your life goals.

Mercy Russell, Host

Mercy Russell has a 35 year career as a psychotherapist and mentor specializing in relationship systems in the family and the workplace. Her passion is discovering the strength and magic in each person’s story. Mercy sees life’s challenges as the soul’s invitation to expand and evolve. Trained as a Clinical Social Worker at UCLA, she has worked in psychiatry with children, teens and adults. From the first client she met, Mercy has been fascinated by the hidden depths of strength and wisdom we each embody.  Her experience in the treatment of sexual abuse, sex offenders and addictions taught her about resiliency, recovery and free will.

Facing her own life challenges, she embraced Bowen Family Systems Theory as a tool to define her individuality in complex relationship systems. Mercy has embraced a research attitude as her therapeutic strength. She combines her study of the biology of natural systems in all forms of life with her ongoing spiritual exploration of human potential.

Watching the diversity in her own family of career, marriage, divorce and parenting with a compassionate eye has grounded her in a broad understanding and acceptance of individuality. Mercy is fascinated by cultural differences, geographical mobility and belief systems. She is an international speaker who has presented on a wide range of topics related to complex relationship systems, social dynamics and education policy. Her favorite part of speaking is engaging with the audience in Q&A sessions. Mercy is lifelong student of human nature curious to learn with you, so tune in weekly as together remarkable relationships will be examined.

Loves Heals All Wounds
Linda Kent is the founder of Clearly Rising, LLC, with her certification as a Holistic Life Coach through Alan Cohen’s Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching. Her spiritual journey began in the early 1980’s when she began searching for spiritual meaning to my life. In the beginning she read many spiritual books and worked with my spiritual teacher, Carla Gordan. She was taught massage by a blind chiropractor and began practicing massage therapy before Texas required a license. She became more involved in energy work that complimented what I was doing in massage by way of intuitively receiving visions and auditory messages for my clients that was pertinent to what they most needed to receive. The spiritual guidance she received created a clear message to write a book. She was given the title at that time, “Love Heals All Wounds”. She is currently pursuing a new career as an author with this book that will soon be published. Website:
Parenting Styles: When Parents Don't Agree
Today, I answer a Listener's call about a conflict with her husband over mealtimes with their 4 year old. I step back and start with the big picture. I discuss the fundamental differences between couples, based in sexual reproduction, the evolution of our species based in family and childbearing practices. Then looking at fundamental emotional dynamics in the family, I give specific feedback and suggestions on how my listener can negotiate with her husband. Website:
Politics and Friendship
A listener writes in asking about her reluctance to talk about politics with a good friend. She knows this friend is "on the other side" in his political views. She does not believe either she or her friend can be persuaded by the other and therefore wants to avoid the unpleasantness of the inevitable conflict. At the same time she feels that there is an elephant in the room and she is not being an honest and true friend. In this show I discuss the pros and cons of political conversations with friends, Braver Angels - an organization whose mission is to bridge political divides and guidelines for navigating these relationships. To explore Braver Angels go to