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Did you know you have psychic ability? That’s the belief of Sha’ron and Skip, hosts of The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show, and they want to help you release your inner power.

Each week, Sha’ron and Skip further their life’s mission of teaching the entire spectrum in the metahpysical world, in order to awaken or facilitate one’s journey on their spiritual path. Thus, the name Psychic Spectrum. They do their work through hosting weekly Psychic Showcases and monthly Talking to the Other Side events, as well as organizing classes, workshops, ghost hunts, UFO watching events, special guest speaker events, and so much more.

Sha’ron was born with her gifts and Skip received his gifts, after a profound near death experience in 1976. They conduct their readings together, and work as one, to deliver the maximum amount of information for their clients.

Tune in each week and be amazed as the Psychic Couple discuss the metaphysical world and take listener calls. They bring their audience some down-to-earth guests and make their world real with information and insight worth taking away.

“We believe that the metaphysical is as important as religion and social conscience,” said Skip. “We aim to bring about a person’s wholeness in life. It’s nothing to shy away from, you should embrace your true self and use it, to better yourself,” added Sha’ron.

Sha’ron and Skip are a psychic/medium couple, who have been married for 45 years. They are authors, psychic/mediums, lecturers, teachers, and metaphysical event producers.

For more information, log on to, call 253-335-3340, or email


Matt-SheaPsychic Spectrum Radio Show is sponsored in part by Matt Shea.

Skip and Sha’ron have lots of good things to say about their newest sponsor:

“Having recently met Matt Shea, he is rapidly becoming a good friend of ours. Matt’s writing style is down to earth and leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. The subjects he writes about will make you relate to those you come in contact with , in a much better way,” said Skip.

For his part, Matt welcomes fans of Psychic Spectrum Radio Show to visit his website.

“At this moment I would like to open the door a little further and invite people to look at some of my stories. They are mainly about the trials of those who are considered a little different. The ones that are usually outcast or misplaced as a result of being overlooked or misunderstood,” Matt said, adding, “My writings focus on the fact that such individuals are indeed contributions to society. Their moment arrives when they are called upon and prevail with their character. In the end they get their just reward; respect followed by acceptance.”

Log on and learn about this fascinating author today!

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