The Money Seat with Ross Krause

Tuesdays 12pm-12:30pm

Tune in each week for practical financial advice delivered in an entertaining way.

“Millions of Americans struggle with the same financial questions as you; however, most information is generic and geared to people that already have vast amount of wealth,” says host, Ross Krause.

Each week Ross answers unscripted questions from guests covering topics such as:

Why accumulating wealth is only a small part of financial planning?

  • Are investment apps are worth it?
  • How do you set up and manage a budget?
  • What are the best practices for paying off student loans?
  • How do 401Ks work. . how about traditional vs Roth IRA’s?
  • How should you save for the rising cost of college?
  • How can you maintain a long-term focus in the stock market?

Tune in and call in to get answers to these questions and many more from Ross as he sits in, The Money Seat!

Ross is a Certified Financial Planner dedicated to empowering his clients with the financial knowledge and tools needed to achieve their long-term financial dreams. With over 10+ years of experience in the Accounting/Finance industry, Ross has worked with virtually every demographic group on retirement and estate planning, cash flow and budgeting, debt management, investment management and education planning. When not saving the world from financial illiteracy, he enjoys cooking, hiking, traveling, binging Netflix shows, and mentoring future CFP’s.


Learn more about the informative program:

ross@themoneyseat.com or ross.krause@lpl.com

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