The GenX Radio Show

Mondays 9am-9:30am

First and foremost the Gen X Radio Show is about having fun, the show is about memories and fun.

The show, however, also at times dabbles in modern day politics and events and does offer commentary on such.

The Gen X Radio Show was created for people like me, who at times feel shoved aside from the social commentary platform, and that our take on issues no longer matters.

Also, the Gen X Radio Show was created to be an alternative to the “Right vs Left” arena, and to offer a more commonsense approach to analyzing issues of the day, using humor, satire, and theater to bring more of an entertainment value to the production.
The overall mission of the Gen X Radio Show production is to bring a smile to people’s faces, and to on occasion use the show’s platform to promote and sell items of interest to myself and or to others; and or to promote my own abilities and skill set as a commentator/entertainer/MC.

Life is short, but doesn’t mean “I” or “we” have to be, and if I get nothing more out of the show other than making people laugh, chuckle and think, then the show will have accomplished its mission.
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