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The Courage Effect

Wednesdays 8am-8:30am

The Courage Effect is a show about growth and unleashing what’s possible. Tune in Wednesdays at 8 a.m. as your host, Suzanne Weller, offers up inspiring stories about what courage looks like, how to navigate what’s getting in your way, and the opportunities that surface when you choose courage over comfort.

To further enhance the conversation, Suzanne invites guests to share how tapping into their courage impacted their lives, both personally and professionally. These exchanges spotlight people who have wrangled fear, risk, and uncertainty – no matter how big (or small) the challenge. Whether it’s a professional reinvention, standing up for what we believe in, fighting inequality, or smaller actions like speaking to a stranger – these courageous stories move us into where change happens.

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About Suzanne:
Suzanne is a partner in courage. She thrives in connecting with others. Her life and work anchor on cultivating growth, grace, strength, and humor.
She lives this mission every day as Principal and Owner of Weller Collaboration, where she partners with leaders and teams to step into what they are capable of as individuals and organizations.
Through her work as an ICF-certified coach, consultant, and facilitator, Suzanne’s clients enhance their leadership, maximize talent, and amplify their communication and influencing skills.

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The Courage to Learn
Suzanne talks about a moment where her father disrupted her thinking as she was growing up, and she encourages us to welcome new challenges to rethink our deep-seated beliefs.
Rising Up to an Opportunity with Traca Savadogo
Traca shares the story of her path to the TEDX stage (which she originally turned down) and how the experience took her from being behind the curtain supporting others to taking the stage herself.  She and Suzanne delve into the power of enlisting thinking partners, why we shy away from the things that ultimately make us human, and how Traca supports others to jump into the deep end of the pool. Traca Savadogo is an engaging and dynamic speaker known for her authentic approach and commitment to fostering meaningful connections.  Traca has touched the lives of countless individuals with her powerful messages, including her TEDx talk, Why You Should Regularly Talk with Strangers.
Lenora Edwards
Lenora Edwards is a business development consultant for CEO’s. Her clients hire her to help them design, develop, and build their businesses--on their own terms