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The Confessional Radio Show

Sundays 3pm-4pm

Where do the roots of what we do today, and what we were compelled to do, actually come from?

As I look at the more than a decade of broadcasting on KKNW 1150AM, Youtube, Rumble, and a weekly national call, not to mention the myriads of people I have known, worked with, interviewed, been interviewed by, and all of the fulfillment of my earthly mission that I have experienced, I can honestly say that I would not trade in my life for any other.  This is precisely what I have always dreamed of.

The Confessional Radio Show is truly the place where we know that we are all 100% of the solution for anything we want to see in this world, and that we are not needed, but wanted.  Which is infinitely more powerful.  Our invitation was extended to us, and we accepted it.  We are all here to do what no one else can do, simply because there is not, never has been, nor will there ever be, another who is who we individually are.

Our personal human sovereignty is of the utmost importance, now, more than ever in human history, and we have all come to see to it, that it is protected, perpetuated, and taught to, and for the next consciousness on the planet.

These are the most exciting times to be alive, and for as far back as I can remember, culminating messages, ideas, channelings and conversations into viable tools of light, to lift us all, and to sustain each other through our individual purposes and missions, has been in my mind, my heart, and in all the communications with God that I have ever encountered.

I am honored to be your host, of The Confessional Radio Show, and your fellow human who has accepted my own mission, prepared to continue to reveal the truth with you, and to make way for the stunning future we are now on the brink of.

As you listen to the show, just know, that if there are moments of keen clarity, it is because I am listening to you, as we all listen to the only Employer and Home we will ever need and have.


All my heart.