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Winter, spring, summer or fall…it’s always Sunny in Seattle. By tuning in at that time, listeners are treated to a positive energy boost thanks to host Sunny Joy McMillan and her show Sunny in Seattle.

Sunny is an attorney-turned-life coach who left a career in law in search of more soul-fulfilling work. She found her calling in life coaching and completed her training and certification through Dr. Martha Beck’s program.

Through her radio show, as well as her coaching practice, Sunny’s mission is to connect people with who they really are so they may lead lives filled with love, joy, peace, freedom, purpose and growth. Each week her show features coaches, authors, healers and teachers on the leading edge of thought who will bring you helpful, educational and inspiring messages to connect you to your best life!

Tune in Fridays at 9 a.m. and for more information, please log on to

Sally Kempton and Meditation with the Vijnana Bhairava
Sally Kempton is a former Swami who Elizabeth Gilbert calls "one of the best meditation teachers in the world" who "manages to fearlessly explore the outer reaches of the universe without ever losing the voice of your dear friend from just around the block." We'll be exploring meditation with the Vijnana Bhairava - but don't let the name intimidate you! Sally makes this mystical tantric practice incredibly approachable and engaging. Listen in and learn how every human experience can become a portal to the infinite as we explore this approach which uses body, breath, and even emotions and sensory pleasure to take us into meditation.
"Cured: The Life-Changing Science of Spontaneous Healing" with Dr. Jeffrey Rediger
Jeffrey Rediger, M.D., M.Div., is on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and is the medical director of McLean SouthEast Adult Psychiatry and of Community Affairs at McLean Hospital, one of the country’s top psychiatric institutes. AND he has spent over 15 years studying spontaneous healing, pioneering the use of scientific tools to investigate full recoveries from incurable illnesses, from pancreatic cancer to terminal brain cancer to autoimmune diseases like diabetes and lupus. Listen in and hear about his research revealing patterns behind healing and the physical and mental principles associated with recovery - you'll get not only the inspiration found in these miraculous recoveries, but also the science behind them! Website:
Second Friday with Dr. Alysondra Duke
Usually it's a First Friday on Sunny in Seattle where Sunny shares the airwaves with her fantastic co-host Dr. Alysondra Duke, but this month, it's a Second Friday, and there's a very special reason why! Listen in as Dr. Alysondra and Sunny talk surprises of a lifetime, relating to giant bamboo, and why two birds in the hand is not always worth two in the bush.