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Staying Power

Mondays 1:30pm-2pm

Resiliency is a Choice

We hear the term “resilience” used in lots of places about lots of things. But what is it really? And how do we know if we have it? And if we realize we don’t – or have as much of it as we thought or would like – how do we develop it? Staying Power is a show that seeks answers to all of those questions and more; above all, resiliency is a choice we each make. It is up to us to develop it in every area of our lives, to learn and experience it as we live life with all of its challenges and its various highs and lows, and to embody it so as to better connect with others. This helps more people develop more resilience, which can only help our families, communities, and nations find healthier pathways with more ease, connection, and meaning. Every week, join show hosts JDK Wyneken and Tawny Sanabria as they share their own ideas and experience in helping others from around the world develop their own resilience, and see what it brings up for you.