Spontaneous and inspired conversation await listeners of STACY CONNECTS. . .with Stacy Heller, heard Tuesdays at 3 p.m. (PDT) and via podcast on all major platforms.

Each week, Stacy shares topics that are educational, inspirational, personal, and entertaining with her listeners and guests.  Her gift for gab, ability to find connections, natural curiosity, and tendency to befriend the elephant in any room; inject levity and lessons about living into your day.

Throughout the one-hour program, Stacy interviews a diverse assortment of guests about professional and personal topics, and she shares insights and ideas about questions big and small. The ultimate mission of STACY CONNECTS is to demonstrate how conversation with just one person can connect us with the world.

Stacy Heller has always loved to talk, just ask her mother, Joan, a frequent call-in guest or Pete, her spouse of 30 years.

“I believe the foundation for any type of health and happiness is connection. With this as my core belief, along with my intuition, and experiences, I started my business, STACY CONNECTS and my interest in radio and podcasting grew from there. Stacy also hosts Don’t Ask Me to Talk on AM 880 KIXI.

After staying home full-time to raise four stellar kids for 20-plus years, Stacy went part-time once the kids started leaving the house, deciding to turn her natural gift for making connections into a business, leading to STACY CONNECTS. Stacy works with clients to identify multi-sensory messaging ideas that translate their brand into a language their target audience connects with naturally.

When she’s not talking or connecting, she’s probably sitting in the sunny corner of her couch with a Diet Coke or G&T, playing solitaire.

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Transitioning from Toxic
Stacy shares conversations and observations from the week, from what she’s learned about the heart’s energy to cognitive dissonance and the power of words. She also shares a STACYISM about preparing the path or the person. Her guest is Coleen Gose, a life coach who specializes in helping others recognize and recover from toxic relationships. Coleen and Stacy talk about the origin story behind these relationships, the impact they have on attitude and perspective, how they seep into other dynamics and the importance of community in healing. You can learn more about Coleen, her coaching, webinars and new book, A Woman’s Journey of a Lifetime on her website https://www.coachingwithcoleen.com/.
Stacy shares conversations and observations from two weeks with her mother and her mother’s BFF, Lee, who are also guests on the show. Nicknames, energy and Mom’s habit of “stealing” Stacy’s stuff are just some of the topics covered. From there, Stacy interviews the gals about aging in terms of staying positive, friendships, mental flexibility, dating, and eating. An interesting insight into how to stay young at heart and build a community of family when the world starts zooming by faster than your legs can move.
A Bright Painter Who POPS
Stacy shares conversations and observations from her week including a follow up to the Usain Bolt versus Joey Chestnut relay race debate, pool people watching and ordering oysters from Amazon for the pearls. Stacy’s guest this week is 17-year-old, Kirkland-based artist and business-savvy marketer, Austin Picinich. Primarily self-taught, Austin learned his way around a canvas by doing and with support from his art-loving parents. He learned his way around promotion through local artists sharing inspiration and information as well as from his high school DECA class. Not only does he paint and promote, but he gives back as well; he conceived and executed a community-based project at like his mural at Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland, WA to raise awareness for salmon restoration. To learn more about Austin, his art and his next mural, go to https://www.austinsart.net/