Spontaneous and inspired conversation await listeners of STACY CONNECTS. . .with Stacy Heller, heard Tuesdays at 3 p.m. (PDT) and via podcast on all major platforms.

Each week, Stacy shares topics that are educational, inspirational, personal, and entertaining with her listeners and guests.  Her gift for gab, ability to find connections, natural curiosity, and tendency to befriend the elephant in any room; inject levity and lessons about living into your day.

Throughout the one-hour program, Stacy interviews a diverse assortment of guests about professional and personal topics, and she shares insights and ideas about questions big and small. The ultimate mission of STACY CONNECTS is to demonstrate how conversation with just one person can connect us with the world.

Stacy Heller has always loved to talk, just ask her mother, Joan, a frequent call-in guest or Pete, her spouse of 30 years.

“I believe the foundation for any type of health and happiness is connection. With this as my core belief, along with my intuition, and experiences, I started my business, STACY CONNECTS and my interest in radio and podcasting grew from there. Stacy also hosts Don’t Ask Me to Talk on AM 880 KIXI.

After staying home full-time to raise four stellar kids for 20-plus years, Stacy went part-time once the kids started leaving the house, deciding to turn her natural gift for making connections into a business, leading to STACY CONNECTS. Stacy works with clients to identify multi-sensory messaging ideas that translate their brand into a language their target audience connects with naturally.

When she’s not talking or connecting, she’s probably sitting in the sunny corner of her couch with a Diet Coke or G&T, playing solitaire.

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Alt Shift
Stacy begins with feedback from last week’s show about plastic surgery featuring, Leela Ward. She also talks about traveling for Thanksgiving and a STACYism about the ego filter we perceive information through. Her guests Pete Connolly of Acute Injury Massage and Kathy Lewis of Elemental Alchemy Healing talk about their work in alternative medicine and experiencing how the other works. As energy movers or “shifters” both Pete and Kathy help to release negative stored energy in the body that has led to mental, emotional, and physical discomfort and depletion. The work they do is lifechanging. Connect with Pete at https://www.aimbypete.com/ and with Kathy at 425-786-7482.  
Full Disclosure
Stacy starts the show with a callback to an episode called, “You Complete Me” about Odin who is still in need of a kidney; take a listen and share to learn more about giving the gift of life this holiday season. Then on the show, Leela Ward talks about her various plastic surgeries; from lip injections to a BBL (with a few things in between). Leela is open about her why, what and how, and shares her family’s reactions along with the one regret she has now that she’s done. They end the episode talking about Airman Transportation, the second-generation, minority-owned business Leela owns and operates. If you’re on or around the Eastside of Seattle, book a ride through https://airmantransportation.com/.
Gone Fishin’
Back from Italy and straight into the frying pan, it’s been a long week. Stacy gains one cat while babysitting her grand kitty Wilson, and almost loses another when Coal takes off in protest. Back for STACY CONNECTS second anniversary show is Stacy Harris (who is essentially to blame for Stacy ever meeting a mic). They go back to their original concept for the show, picking hard hitting topics from a fishbowl such as, Which of the 7 Dwarfs are you? and “What song do you sing in the shower?” It’s a very Stacy show.