Radio Liberty for Human Rights with Focus on China

Sundays 6pm-7pm

Matthew Melton’s Democracy Show (was airing live on Sunday nights) has now become: Radio Liberty for Human Rights with Focus on China.

“Join us live from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. where I have joined forces with CDHRA President and former Beijing radio journalist Jane Xuihong Jin, to create an all new hour-long show which focuses on human rights violations in China,” said host, Matthew Melton, adding, “We will also discuss the Thucydides trap where the newest global power of China is working to overtake the United States and end the U.S. Constitution forever, in what has now been dubbed as China’s Silent invasion of the United States of America; where newly relaxed Biden Administration policies are now aiding Red China’s CCP in waging a China vs. America modern day 21st Century Cold War; where military trained Red Chinese officers of the PLA are now able to gain legal entry into the United States.”

Matthew says he and his co-host Jane Xuihong Jin will discuss a whole lot more, including America’s purchases of power grid electrical equipment which can eligibly be remotely shut down by China and recently China’s purchase of nine of America’s largest food manufacturing companies, where he says, “Communists agents are now involved in the illegal repackaging of Chinese manufactured and imported foods, which are now being given phony American labels. Food products sold which are tainted which CCP nanotechnology are of highest concern here and we talk about this subject and entertain your calls about this and all subjects on our show. This is a goal that I am undertaking in the spirit of Paul Revere’s famous ride! Only here with live talk radio in place of a horse.”

Matthew Melton is the author of two new bills to be introduced to the floor of U.S. Congress with the help of revolutionary Chinese Democrats of the CDHRA and Free Our China.

“The first bill is being prepared to prevent the CCP Silent Invasion of the United States of America which is directly coupled with the Thucydides Trap and aided by relaxed Biden Administration policies. And the Second Bill is directed at keeping Chinese hypersonic nuclear warhead missiles out of the Caribbean and South and Central America but importantly in 2021, out of Communist (Red) Cuba,” he said.

Matthew also points out, “We host knowledgeable and intelligent guests on our live talk show. In fact we recently hosted two guests who were in political detention by the immigration offices of two different nations and they were both invited to tell their stories on our show. Both Chinese nationals seeking asylum were soon after granted their asylum by the nations of Germany and Australia when their radio show interviews which aired on Radio Liberty for Human Rights with Focus on China were played by their legal counsel at their immigration hearings. Mr. Liu Bing and Mr. Haibin Liang both otherwise faced deportation by these two Western nations to the hostile nation of China where the consequence of each of their decisions to flee China is torture and prison. We are proud to have helped champion their freedom in the west. And we support freedom and democracy and a future democratic constitution for all Chinese people in the world. The highest CDHRA goal Liberty Jane (Jane Xuihong Jin) has told me.”

“Join us live on Sunday nights as we prepare to take on the important issues of our day and expose human rights violations as per the CDHRA platform, some of which constitute national emergencies that we want to proactively take to the floor of U.S. Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court.”

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