Plateau Partners Pulse

Wednesdays 9am-10am

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Stacy Heller, Host

Tune in each week as your host, Stacy Heller interviews dynamic guests and fellow BNI members about business, networking, and money-making ideas, courtesy of Plateau Partners, a BNI chapter located just outside Seattle, WA.

Each episode features BNI members who are small- to mid-sized business professionals. They answer questions about BNI, before engaging in a fun and informative conversation about their personal and professional mission and message using their own voice.

Learn more about this dynamic group and equally effective radio show:


www.BNINW.com (then search for Plateau Partners)

Or simply text BNIPPINFO to 55-678


Cherry O’Neill: Active Transformation
Cherry O’Neill of Active Transformation is the latest featured guest on PPP. As host Stacy Heller states, Cherry is an act of transformation herself; therefore her ability to coach others...
Bruce Pflaumer: Michael Bruce Image Consulting
Bruce Pflaumer is the often feared (I hope he doesn’t see me in sweats!) and always revered force behind Michael Bruce Image Consulting. He shows his playful side while answering...
The Extended Family: Meet the Other Members
For the first half of the episode, show host, Stacy Heller, is joined again by chapter President, JD Wyneken. After breaking down the numbers of the chapter further, they discuss...