NITE DRIFT with Jim Perry

Sundays 5pm-6pm Fridays and Saturdays 1am-2am

Tune in Sundays at 5 p.m. for a fascinating one-hour show, NITE DRIFT with Jim Perry.

Jim is creator of the critically acclaimed documentary podcast EUPHOMET, and has now built NITE DRIFT, an interview series about the unknown and our connected relationship. Each week, a panel of paranormal-people, artists, mystics, and thinkers explore the paranormal, share chilling tales, and revel in the great mystery.

“Everyone has a weird story, and I am devoted to uncovering the intimate, human-centric version of these supernatural tales and how affect us on a personal level,” says Jim.

For Jim, the anomalous events that happen in people’s lives have been a long-time fascination. He brings the findings of his pursuit to the airwaves each Sunday at 5 p.m., and together with amazing guests, he keeps the audience riveted.

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