Love Has Many Faces

Love Has Many Faces with Marilyn Milano

Tuesdays 9am-9:30am

Tuesdays, 9 am – 9:30 am

Animal lovers need to tune into Love Has Many Faces with Marilyn Milano to hear interviews with spokespeople from rescue groups across the country, updates on particular animals in need, informative features on how animals make a positive difference in our lives and most important…practical tips on how YOU can make a difference.
This amazing program is hosted by Marilyn Milano, a Seattle-based pianist, composer and vocalist whose love for animals began in early childhood. Marilyn strives to raise awareness, touch hearts, and save animal’s lives. Marilyn is dog parent to three unique, loving and very spoiled cocker spaniels: Calla, Fyre and Tux. She is also a volunteer for Seattle Animal Shelter in their Pet Loss Support program.

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