Wednesdays, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Tune in each week for soulful insights with your host, Sakura Sutter LME, C.Ht., Spiritual and Intuitive Hypnotherapist, as well as Master Esthetician. Listen in to Sakura use spiritual modalities as well as discussion surrounding hypnotherapy to help real people overcome real life issues.

The information-packed hour features interviews from guests from all over and from different avenues in life whom are making a difference by assisting others. Sakura’s show is geared to help others help themselves in whatever resonates or calls out to them.

Buckle up. . .because it’s not only resourceful, but also raw, upfront, in your face, veritable, and sometimes shocking!

Originally from Chicago, Sakura dabbled in theater, working for a large music venue, and nannying before heading to Seattle with Starbucks Coffee Company to manage stores, including the original at Pike Place Market.

After 10 years with Starbucks Sakura left to pursue a career in skin care. She has been working in the skin care industry as a master esthetician since 2001 and returned to Bastyr in 2013 to get her education in hypnotherapy. She combined the two fields in her very own skin and mind clinic, Sakura Skin & Mind.

Her clinic is located in Redmond, WA where she has been helping clients with skin issues as well as using spiritual hypnotherapy for real life issues. She performs other mind modalities too, such as  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), SRT (Soul Response Therapy), NLP ( NeuroLinguistic Programing) and Tarot.

In the summer of 2017, Sakura was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening auto immune disorder, which nearly claimed her life. In response to it she not only sought out Western and Eastern medicine, and changed her diet, but also did weekly hypnotherapy herself. She was able to clear so much inflammation out of her body that she healed herself. She took the method she used in healing herself and put it into a process to help her own clients overcome their rare illnesses, or ailments to find love in themselves as well as love for others.

She coined this Love From The Hyp and wanted to use what she learned on her journey to help others.

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Psychiatrist, Dr Ellen Vora
Anxiety affects more than 40 million Americans. This number only continues to increase as we deal with the impact of COVID-19 and the pandemic lockdowns. Until recently, the US has also not given mental health the attention it has needed. In addition, conventional medicine has primarily viewed anxiety as a result of brain chemistry and psychology, when more evidence now points to its origins to be rooted in the physical body. Listen to this edition of Love From The Hyp, where we will dive deeper into anxiety with acclaimed psychiatrist, Dr Ellen Vora. Dr Vora will share a new and unconventional approach to anxiety from her latest book, “The Anatomy of Anxiety”, including; recognizing True versus False anxiety, treating anxiety through more holistic pathways-like understanding the impact of sleep, diet, caffeine, exercise, stress and hormone imbalances. She will also touch on supplements to help with anxiety, and the mindset needed to also overcome it. If you have struggled with anxiety, you won’t want to miss this insightful interview!
The Conscious Coaching Hour -Family Dynamics
“Love From The Hyp presents The Conscious Coaching Hour”, where Sakura Sutter, Rory Reich, and Brenda Reiss will be discussing FAMILY DYNAMICS. Just in time for the holidays. Are you the black sheep of the family? Or the scapegoat? Maybe the Rescuer? Gone are the days of the nuclear family unit in the United States. Now they are saying that there are 6 different family dynamics or types. And within those family types, we all play a fascinating archetypal role. Which role are you? Join us for a fun and informational conversation on finding out what dynamic you grew up with and which role you play and how it affects all of your experiences today.
Knitting And Witchcraft With James Divine And Katie Rempe
On this edition of Love From The Hyp, we explore the synergy of knitting and Witchcraft with James Divine and Katie Rempe. James, is a Palm Reader, Mystic, & Witch, and Katie is a Magical Maker. Both host the podcast called Knit A Spell. Like peanut butter and chocolate, these two compliment each other quite fantastically! Katie, bringing forth her wisdom of knitting, and James, offering up his wisdom of Witchcraft. These two will share the power of Witchcrafting, and how done with intention, affirmations, or prayer, magical alignment can be achieved in one’s life. James will also touch on why Witchcraft has become increasingly more popular and the wisdoms it has to offer society today. Katie, will touch on how she’s brought Witchcraft into her knitting, everything from choosing colors, number of stitches, to geometric patterns, and the ways in which it’s changed her craft. Plus, this powerful pair will share a craft to bring us more gratitude and abundance, just in time for the holidays! You won’t want to miss all of this witchy wisdom!