Italian Radio Show

Mondays 4pm-5pm

Mondays, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

West Coast Italian Radio Network presents…Italian Radio Show with Tony La Stella and Marzia Caputo! The program is a celebration of “all things Italian.”

“After all,” says Tony, “Everyone Wants to be Italian!”

With segments ranging from Cooking & Wine Tips to our quirky instructions on How to Be Italian, Tony and Marzia will take give you an Authentic Journey on what it means to be Italian or Italian-American.  As recently reviewed on NBC-TV (Evening Magazine), “The hottest show in radio structured like the Tonight Show meets the Sopranos.”

Join Tony La Stella, a New York Italian-American singer and entertainer and Marzia Caputo, a native Italian girl from Vicenza as they share the real Italian and Italian American experience.




“After our Cooking & Wine Tips segment, people call-in telling us they’re hungry!,” exclaims Tony.

Special monthly hosts like Tony Ventrella, Rita Cipalla and Matt Biondi bring you Italian news stories or Italian sports commentary. So many great celebrity guests! Plus, crazy antics when show founder David Madrid drops-in for an occasional segment to Baptize You to Be Italian or give comedic advice as the Questionable Carmini.

Italian Radio Show also has highlights about what is going on in the Italian community…the local festivals, banquets, and events that promote out Italian heritage and culture. There are Italian American clubs that hold meetings, dinners, wine-festivals, big banquets, FESTA’s, and so much more – all covered on Italian Radio Show!

Broadcast live throughout the greater Seattle/Tacoma area as well as stream live on the internet throughout the world.

“We eat great food, drink great wine and dress well,” says David Madrid, show founder, adding, “Who wouldn’t want to be Italian?”

Come celebrate “All things Italian” and encourage friends and family to participate.

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