Holding Ground

Mondays 9am-10am


Holding Ground

Mondays, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Tune in each week to listen as a relationship therapist and a trauma therapist team up to offer keen insight and resiliency. Listen as they explore the ways that human connections and damaging emotional experiences complicate, confuse, and keep us stuck.

The show Holding Ground is hosted by Psychotherapists Laura
Richer and Michelle Mooney
 of Anchor Light Therapy Collective in Seattle, WA. Laura and Michelle, have two big truths coloring the backdrop of their show:

1. It’s tough out there, folks – The world can be a difficult place

2. You have an infinite and immutable ability to grow, change, transform,
overcome, and adapt to whatever comes your way.

With wisdom, experience, humor, and a lot of heart, Laura and Michelle look at the ways that trauma impacts how we love ourselves and others. They explore topics such as; how deep childhood pain translates to how we interact in the world as adults, how unresolved pain influences professional performance, how addiction numbs but does not heal wounds, and how toxic relationships destroy our self-esteem.
As serious as they are about our favorite healing modalities – from hypnotherapy to EMDR to couples therapy and individual counseling – they also like to laugh, too.
Laura: Almost 10 years into her practice, Laura has definitely found her niche in helping folks navigate relationships—self-love relationship, romantic and platonic relationships. From TV and radio appearances to one-on-one, couples, and group counseling sessions, Laura enjoys nothing more than helping break down unhelpful stories and build up narratives with truly happy plot lines.
Michelle: Is a psychotherapist who has a passion for healing trauma. Michelle helps clients find their way out of the pain and anguish from the past to lead to more meaningful and healthy lives. Michelle is a Midwestern transplant who joined Anchor Light in the spring of 2020 after working in intensive clinical settings with high-risk populations for the past 5 years.Learn more about these dynamic women and their fascinating work!
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