Holding Ground

Tuesdays 9:30am-10am

Tune to Holding Ground, Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m., with Therapists Laura Richer and Michelle Mooney as they team up with fascinating guests while they take to a deep-dive into the world of positive psychology. Leading with wisdom, compassion, and humor, this is the show where you will gain an insider understanding of how human connection and complex emotional situations influence how we interact with the world.

This show covers it all:  toxic relationships, dating, emotional trauma, chronic stress, burnout, mental health stigma, body image, co-dependency, job performance family, addiction, loneliness…and more! Laura and Michelle help you understand how these topics and offer and effective tools and strategies to navigate them all.

Join them each week as they share clinical insight, friendly banter, and results-oriented resources and action items for positive change and powerful growth.

More about the hosts:

Laura Richer, LMHC, CHt:  Northwest native Laura Richer founded Anchor Light Therapy Collective with the belief that all of us can live beautiful, full lives that align with our values, vision, and dreams. The couples and individuals who come to Anchor Light’s Queen Anne offices connect with strength and presence to become empowered to direct their own destiny.

Sometimes we pick our specialties and sometimes our specialties pick us; almost ten years into her practice, Laura has definitely found her niche in helping folks navigate relationships—their own self-love relationship and the romantic and platonic relationships they have with others. Laura enjoys nothing more than helping break down unhelpful stories and build up narratives with truly happy plotlines.

Michelle Mooney, LMHC, NCC: Michelle Mooney is a licensed couple and individual therapist whose passion helping clients heal from trauma, grief, anxiety, and depression, and attachment wounds. Michelle provides non-judgemental, humanistic, and culturally inclusive counseling to create hope and meaningful, lasting changes.

Born and raised just outside of Detroit Michigan, Michelle moved to the PNW in 2012 and joined Anchor Light in the spring of 2020 after working in intensive clinical settings with high-risk populations.

Teen Suicide Awareness and Prevention
On this episode of Holding Ground psychotherapist Laura Richer speaks with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Sarah Skoterro about the signs and causes of suicidality in kids and teens and what parents can do to intervene and help prevent their child being at risk. With 30+ years of national experience as a counselor, trainer, advocate and speaker – Sarah Skoterro still finds joy and compassion in mental health and advocacy for healthcare overall. Her specific interest and dedication is to training and raising awareness of suicide intervention and prevention, her efforts have spanned settings ranging from major corporations in the private sector to community-based not for profit entities, educational settings and hospitals. Of particular focus in her work is the growing need for facile and fast access to care, edification of natural supports and increasing the “normalization” of screening and/asking about mental health factors across all sectors of care. Website(s): https://offtheclockpsych.com/page/6/?fbclid=IwAR093eU9-Lzp4_qtVRgGGle_K3GUovC2C6ud6-sAV5uIXl81QEMfxkZCxT4 https://familiesontheline.com/resources/ https://www.dbtfamilyskills.com/resources-for-families-couples--friends.html https://health.ucdavis.edu/health-news/newsroom/covid-19-is-wrecking-our-sleep-with-coronasomnia--tips-to-fight-back-/2020/09 https://health.clevelandclinic.org/put-the-phone-away-3-reasons-why-looking-at-it-before-bed-is-a-bad-habit/ https://psychotherapyacademy.org/ https://nowmattersnow.org/ https://www.dbtselfhelp.com/
Understanding All of the Moving Parts
On this episode of Holding Ground psychotherapist Laura Richer and Marriage and Family Therapy Intern Denise Johnson discuss Internal Family Systems therapy aka IFS. IFS is a therapy that was...