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DriveTime Radio with New York Vinnie

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DriveTime Radio with New York Vinnie is an entertaining weekly look at the fascinating world of automobiles from the classics to electric hybrid and fuel cell.

Latest news, interviews with industry people, new car and truck reviews, how to deal with the dealers and the best Sunday Drives will all be in DriveTime Radio. Have fun and learn something all while listening …in your car, while running errands or with the family gathered around the radio.

“Hey, where else are you going to find the Car Song of the Week?” said host New York Vinnie.

You probably know him for sports and his involvement in the community, but one of the other things New York Vinnie is passionate about is cars. Drivetime Radio lets him share that passion with you. He grew up in the automotive business and has been a licensed motor vehicle inspector and a licensed auto and truck damage appraiser.

You have heard Vinnie on KJR, KIRO, KOMO, The Mariners Radio Network, The Seahawks Radio Network and seen him on Q13 Sports and NWCN.

He loves a good road trip. Vinnie and his daughter Erin have driven cross country and to Graceland twice.

Learn all about this fun and informative program:

Contact: Vinnie Richichi
Twitter: @nyvinnie


Best 10 Gifts for Car Lovers | Toyota GR Corolla
In this week's edition of DriveTime Radio, New York Vinnie begins by chatting about how auto cars are able to push more power out of less cylinders than ever before. Then, Vinnie goes through his top 10 list of Christmas gift ideas for the automotive enthusiast. This week, Vinnie drives the Honda Accord Hybrid and reviews the Toyota GR Corolla on the DriveTime Radio Road Test. Listen to the CarTune "Home For Christmas Day" by The Red Car & The Blue Car here:
Best & Worst of Value Depreciation
This week on DriveTime Radio, New York Vinnie begins by talking about the closure of XXX Rootbeer in Issaquah, and sharing all the great memories he had at the establishment. Then, he reveals the winners and losers of the cars with the best value retention. This week, Vinnie drives the Toyota GR Corolla. Listen to the CarTune "Driving to the Moon" by Carpool Tunnel here:
Honda Prologue & Hyundai on Amazon
In this week's edition of DriveTime Radio, New York Vinnie begins by talking about the upcoming Apple Cup game and reminisces about the road trips he took when he traveled to the matchups that took place in Pullman. Then, he talks about how Hyundai is bringing Amazon in to the process of purchasing a vehicle. Plus, a bonus interview from the Seattle International Auto Show featuring Brad Nelson on the Honda Prologue. This week, Vinnie drives the Hyundai Kona. Listen to the CarTune "Be Thankful For What You Got" by William DeVaughn here: