Dr. K’s Attuning to Your Abundance

Mondays 5pm-6pm

Every Monday at 5 p.m. join your host, Dr. K. Mhina Entrantt, for Dr. K’s Attuning to Your Abundance.

“Dr. K’s Attuning to Your Abundance is where we tap deep into the power and presence of abundance in our lives,” said Dr. K, adding, “Through poetry, affirmation practices, and writing exercises, we create an amazing life for ourselves and our communities.”

Dr. K says it’s important people align their thoughts, words, actions and expectations for the highest good, recognizing that the universe always says, “yes!”

The Advance Language of Abundance
Your heart’s desires have their own internal vibration, and it shows up in your physical world as experiences and conditions, when you learn to speak the Advance Abundance Language.