Cryptocurrency with Matthew J. Moore

Mondays 4pm-5pm

Tune into America’s Bitcoin focused radio show and join Matthew J. Moore and his co-host Eric Cooper as they explore the new and exciting assets of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Matt’s guests will take you for an entertaining and informative ride as they navigate this fast and evolving space. Whether it’s the technology, investments, or the fundamentals of money, this show is designed to help bring understanding to those new to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Monetary sovereignty is vital to everyone’s freedom! Now is the time to empower yourself for this new digital age!

Matthew is a man of faith, a successful business owner, author, Bitcoin consultant, and community leader. At a young age, he has become a leading visionary and cultural leader for his generation—the Millennial Generation and has been recognized by both state and national leaders for his outstanding contributions. Matthew has played a key role in consulting Oklahoma’s government about cryptocurrency and is an advocate for free markets and sound money principles.

Eric Cooper is a Tulsa Oklahoma native who has been in media sales for 10 years.  A husband and father of two children.  He also teaches digital marketing classes as an adjunct professor at universities across the US.  His favorite thing about Bitcoin, Crypto, and blockchain is self-custody and a new wave of innovation.

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