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Meaningful Coincidences
Is it a coincidence that you are listening to this show today? Maybe that’s a dot you don’t connect but maybe coincidence has more to do with your reality than you think. We’ll talk to Dr. Bernard Beitman, the author of “Meaningful Coincidences: How and Why Synchronicity and Serendipity Happen”. You might just discover a new tool for navigating through your life in a surprisingly synchronous way. Website:
Probiotics 101 & The Power of Storytelling
Ok, it’s still a “NEW-ish” year and you’re working on getting and keeping your act together in so many ways. So what’s all this talk about probiotics and why the heck are we taking them? We’ll tap our favorite expert on the matter for the answer. Dr. Ross Pelton returns to give us a Probiotics 101 Primer. Then… How important are the stories we tell ourselves? More important than you might think when it comes to our health. We’ll talk to Dr. Carrie Jarosinski about her book, “Reclaim Your Story: Renew Your Health and wellness through the Power of Storytelling”. Website(s): |
How acceptance and vulnerability deepen your peace
We’re into the New Year and we all have questions about where our lives go from here. We’ll talk to Dr. DiVanna VaDree about what her guidance is telling her as we might contemplate beginning of the year. Website: