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Brenda and Rob, hosts of Conscious Talk Radio, created “Radio That Makes A Difference” to help transform the world one listener at a time from the inside out. Conscious Talk truly starts your day in a brand new, uplifting way. For more information, log on to


A Higher View of an Earthly Situation
We’ve always said that it was short-sighted to depend on our own resources when we can connect with the divine. With that in mind, we welcome back Danielle Gibbons and...
Past Lives With Pets
We’ve heard of past life regressions and how they may make our relationships more understandable. But have you considered you might have had a past life with your pet? We’ll...
Your Inner Landscape
With so much going on in our outer world, we’re here to remind you that we have to turn our attention to our inner landscape. Who better to help with...