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Winks From Above
Did you know that you probably have at least one innate gift that helps you communicate with your Guides? Wouldn’t it be great to develop that sense so you could create a better, richer, and happier life? We’ll talk to Liliane Fortna about what she has learned that can help us. She’s the author of “WINKS FROM ABOVE – Opening up to Signs and Synchronicities to Receive Little Miracles Each Day”. Website:
A Deep Dive into Boundaries
Is Spirituality a practical approach to life? When you think about it from a conscious point-of-view, everything is spiritual since we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. With that in mind, Dr. DiVanna VaDree returns to take a deep dive into boundaries. Stay tuned to see how she connects that one to our spiritual nature. Website:
The Body Code
Have you ever thought about how much your emotions affect your health? We’re not just talking depression or lack of energy, but other physical symptoms emerging from our emotions. We heard about this years ago when we learned of The Emotion Code by Dr. Brad Nelson. Now he has carried his discoveries further and has published an expansion of his method called. The book is called “THE BODY CODE: Unlocking Your Body’s Ability to Heal Itself”. We have Dr. Brad here to tell us about it. Website: