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At the Root

Mondays 3:30pm-4pm

Getting to the root of the matter is key to solving problems and improving lives. It helps to have a guiding light when taking on life’s struggles and digging down to the root of the situation.
At the Root, hosted by Greg Kiper, is just such a light. Tune in weekly for this informative and healing program.
Greg is a licensed mental health counselor in Washington state, a certified holistic life coach, and a certified substance use disorder professional. He has a private practice and works with adults and adolescents, couples and families. He finds passion and purpose in helping find emotional connection both within and with others through his counseling, coaching and education program “Connection through Awareness.”
Greg’s emotional connection with others can be a source of joy and personal growth to a source of pain and anxiety with anything (including disconnection) in between. Join psychotherapist and holistic life coach Greg Kiper as he challenges listeners to explore these connections and go on a journey of recognizing and expanding awareness. Experience an adventure of the mind, body, and spirit on At the Root.
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