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Ask Julie Ryan

Tuesdays 5pm-6pm

Do you have a question for someone who’s transitioned? Do you have a medical issue? What about your pet’s health or behavior? Perhaps you have a loved one who’s close to death and you’d like to know what’s happening. Are you on the path to fulfill your life’s purpose? If you’d like to know the answers to your questions, tune into Ask Julie Ryan, Tuesdays from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Take a journey to the other side, and listen weekly to Ask Julie Ryan!

Julie is a Psychic and Medical Intuitive. She can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has and facilitate energetic healings. She can communicate with spirits both alive and dead.

Julie can scan animals and access people’s past lives, and she can tell how close someone is to dying. Each week, Julie scans callers on her Ask Julie Ryan radio show.

Julie is a businesswoman, an inventor, author, radio show host, podcaster, and a serial entrepreneur. Her surgical device inventions are sold globally and she has founded nine companies in five different industries.



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