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Tune to An Informed Life Radio each week to learn about cutting-edge health and wellness science. In an age when the term “misinformation” is used to silence criticism and debate, Bernadette Pajer, host of An Informed Life Radio, interviews fascinating and informative guests in her quest to present “the missing information.”

“I will be challenging listeners to question what they currently believe about health and wellness, to research deeply and to think critically, in order to live an informed life,” said Bernadette, adding, “I relish vigorous discussions on matters of public health importance.”

Bernadette advocates for scientific integrity in public health policy and for integrity in science. She supports the Terrain Theory approach to wellness and disease prevention, medical freedom, and fully informed consent. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she works with the nonprofit Informed Choice Washington to bring “the missing information” to legislators, public health officials, and the general public.

Learn more about this dynamic radio show host and her mission.  You can also contact the show at: radio@informedchoicewa.org

Vaccine Mandates headed to U.S. Supreme Court
Vaccine Mandates headed to U.S. Supreme Court In this episode of An Informed Life Radio, attorney Patricia Finn gives us the full scoop on the exciting news that the U.S. Supreme Court will be considering her case of an NYPD officer’s challenge to New York City’s municipal workers vaccine requirement. And attorney Greg Glaser updates us on the Control Group litigation, which aims to exempt all persons from mandatory vaccination and is awaiting a decision to learn if the U.S. Supreme Court will be hearing the case. Reference Links: https://www.patriciafinnattorney.com https://www.politico.com/news/2022/09/20/supreme-court-new-york-vaccine-mandate-00057894 https://informedconsentdefense.org/comment-page-1/
Real Stories, Real Healing, Real Hope
Real Stories, Real Healing, Real Hope In this episode of An Informed Life Radio, Dr. Michael Gaeta (first hour) and Dr. Dana Flavin (second hour), share stories that reveal the healing power of nature and “intention" to restore health. Reference Links: https://www.michaelgaeta.com https://collmed.org
Rights of Citizens and Immigrants
Citizens and Immigrants: Know Your Rights or Risk Losing Them In this episode of An Informed Life Radio, Brian Ward discusses his more than 1,000 hours of research that led to his understanding that existing federal laws protect all Americans from experimental medical intervention mandates with the "right of refusal”. In the second hour, attorney Christina Xenides discusses her work with the law firm Siri & Glimstad to assist applicants for permanent residency secure religious belief or moral conviction waivers from immigration vaccination requirements. Reference Links: https://covidpenalty.com https://www.sirillp.com