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Tune to An Informed Life Radio each week to learn about cutting-edge health and wellness science. In an age when the term “misinformation” is used to silence criticism and debate, Bernadette Pajer, host of An Informed Life Radio, interviews fascinating and informative guests in her quest to present “the missing information.”

“I will be challenging listeners to question what they currently believe about health and wellness, to research deeply and to think critically, in order to live an informed life,” said Bernadette, adding, “I relish vigorous discussions on matters of public health importance.”

Bernadette advocates for scientific integrity in public health policy and for integrity in science. She supports the Terrain Theory approach to wellness and disease prevention, medical freedom, and fully informed consent. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she works with the nonprofit Informed Choice Washington to bring “the missing information” to legislators, public health officials, and the general public.

Learn more about this dynamic radio show host and her mission.  You can also contact the show at: radio@informedchoicewa.org

Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD and Christina Parks, PhD
In this episode of An Informed Life Radio, Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD in Immunology, discusses Glutamine: why this amino acid matters for gut barrier integrity and the immune system. And in the second hour, Christina Parks, PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, discusses the evolving science of vaccine injury treatment.
Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, Dr. Henry Ealy
In this episode of An Informed Life Radio, hosts Bernadette and Xavier and guest James Lyons-Weiler, Phd, discuss the recent WA State Vaccine Advisory Committee meeting. In the second hour, Dr. Lyons-Weiler provides information about the classes that can bring empowerment and systemic change through education at IPAK-EDU, and Dr. H brings more empowerment opportunities at the upcoming COVID-CON & Beyond Conference.
Larry Cook, Scott Schara, Dr. Paul
In this episode of An Informed Life Radio, Dr. Paul Thomas and Bernadette discuss the recent FDA approval of Gilead’s Remdesivir in children as young as 28 days old; Larry Cook of Stop Mandatory Vaccination discusses the first in his series of short documentary films about healthy unvaccinated families; and Scott Schara, father of Grace, discusses the dangerous, contraindicated medicines given to Grace in the hospital that led to her death.