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Politically Emotional with Diane Altomare

Thursdays, 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm
As a peaceful powerhouse of transformation and change, Diane Altomare has watched the intense political climate and the emotional division that’s taking place in our country and felt compelled to stand up and speak out. And so, Politically Emotional, was birthed. “My highest vision is to heal the root of all of this conflict: emotional projection. When we are able to honor our emotions and process how we feel in a healthy and peaceful way, we can come to any situation, conflict or relationship from a place of clarity, with both intention and peace; responding in a way that is aligned with our highest self and is in integrity with the depth of our soul, instead of creating more division, chaos or hatred.”

To learn more about Diane, Politically Emotional and her daily “bite-size bits of wisdom,” visit www.dianealtomare.com