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Italian Radio Show

Mondays, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Italian Radio Show is broadcasted in the spirit of “The Olden Days” of growing up as an Italian-American. For more info and chances to win gifts and prizes, please visit our website at: wcir.biz

The show is reminiscent of visiting with family and friends on Sunday afternoon. Think of sitting around the table after a scrumptious meal and “shooting the breeze.” Dave Madrid and friends discuss food (both eating and cooking), music (both listening and singing), remembering the “characters from the old neighborhood, and how everything revolved around the local church.

One of the richest parts of Italian American life is storytelling; remembering our loved ones who have a special place in our hearts, or those friends and family who were quirky or eccentric but we remember fondly. Join us to reminisce about Momma & Papa, Nonno & Nonna, and Zio & Zia and how they lovingly but sternly raised us to be who we are today.

Share your own antics of youth and the richness of your life now.

Italian Radio Show highlights what is going on in our Italian community, the local festivals, banquets, and events that promote out Italian heritage and culture. There are Italian American clubs that hold meetings, dinners, wine-festivals, big banquets, FESTA’s, and so much more.

We broadcast live throughout the greater Seattle/Tacoma area as well as stream live on the internet throughout the world. Each week we will have special guests calling in or live in studio. We are proud to be Italian-Americans and want to share our ideas and thoughts to our listeners near and far.

In short, we promote “everything Italian” and encourage our listeners to participate at every opportunity, so tune in Mondays from 4 pm – 5 pm.

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