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Imperfection Wins

Mondays 7:00 am – 8:00 am

Join Executive Coach and Human Resources expert, Sam Willing on a journey of opening up to vulnerability, letting go of perfection and embracing the uniqueness within all of us. Sam’s unique perspective on compassion and kindness and her focus on developing deep connections with others, will leave you feeling encouraged and refreshed.

Imperfection Wins features real stories and transformational talk in a fresh new way. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs, business experts, psychologists, executive coaches, authors, and more. This show might just give you the nudge you need to explore what you really want, what holds you back, and tools on how to move forward.

Sam Willing is a Human Resources executive, podcast host, executive coach and speaker who brings over 20 years of experience spanning the hospitality, hi-tech and biotech industries. She specializes in developing meaningful connections and building relationships with individuals at all levels and stages of life to help them move past limiting behaviors and beliefs about themselves and/or their work environment and move into their full potential in both life and work.

“I believe in supporting my audience by listening, speaking truthfully and having compassion,” Sam said.

Her approach enables her to go deep with individuals and assist them in identifying their triggers, analyzing their impact on others, creating development plans to address areas for growth and make clear decisions about their lives and careers.

“When individuals step into empowerment, they experience renewed energy and confidence and can move themselves forward in a meaningful way,” she said.

Learn more about this fascinating host, her mission and her show, Imperfection Wins.

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