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Groovy Green Goddess

Fridays, 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Groovy Green Goddess, hosted by Lacey Dawn Jackson, comes to you each week to motivate, inspire and empower you to be the “best authentic you.” Each week, this fast paced, positive and uplifting show, focusses on different topics.

You can’t miss a single week, because the show’s landscape always changes:

First show of the month =  Faerie Scopes, an Astrological look at what the faeries want you to know going into the new month so you can navigate the challenges you face.

Second show of the month = Inspiration and Empowerment, a discussion surrounding how you can be the “Groovy Self” you have always dreamed of being.

Third show of the month = Health Matters, a topic designed to better your body, mind and spirit with tips and tricks to shifting your health in a positive direction.

Fourth Friday of the month  = Live Readings, listen as Lacey takes your phone calls, emails or questions direct from the Groovy Green Goddess Chat Room via Facebook and answer them live on radio.

Lacey is an internationally known Psychic, who, at the moment, lives in a tiny house on the very land where she grew up running through the fields and exploring the forests. She has been working in the healing arts for over 30 years. She talks to the faeries, hugs trees and continues to get more childlike with age, thanks in part to her granddaughter’s energy.

Lacey believes we are all intuitive and teaches others how to exercise their psychic muscles. Some call her the Abundant Babe because of the knack she has at manifesting and living her passion. She helps her clients with relationships, abundance, health, finances and life purpose.

Besides her radio show and in-person practice, Lacey also teaches classes, workshops and retreats. More recently she has developed an Intuitive Wellness Video Program that students can take from the comfort of their own home.

The Groovy Green Goddess show has been on internet radio for many years, and Lacey says she is excited about moving it to this new platform. Her book, Journey of the Groovy Goddess: Finding My Authentic Self, can be found on amazon.com. Lacey loves to travel abroad and some of her favorite places to be is right here in the rainforest or at the coast. Her work-in-progress is developing a Magical Faerie School for young people to ensure their knowledge of our environment, fun and creativeness we all have and keeping it close to our heart.

Learn more about this wonderful program by visiting GroovyGreenGoddess.com.

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