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April-Anjali Show for Creating Inner Radiance

Wednesday, 8 am – 9 am

Join your host, April-Anjali, every Wednesday from 8 am – 9 am as she puts to work her powers as a Soul Healer and Woman of Empowerment!

Her journey into healing began in 2008 when a spontaneous spiritual awakening guided her out of her final attack with an autoimmune illness and into a decadent healing story. What would take place over the next eight years of her life following would bring the deeper journey into healing her soul, her emotions and the understanding of how her decade long battle with the digestive illness of Crohn’s and colitis had formed. She spent these years devoted to researching health and nutrition, the body’s anatomy, energy medicine, herbs, healing touch, kinesiology and many other forms of complimentary healing. However, it would be through her dream world, connection to her own intuition and the guidance of several renowned healers that she would truly begin to understand how healing really happens.

April-Anjali applied this wisdom to heal herself for good. Today she empowers women to embrace the timeless wisdom within themselves and unleash their sensational self-healing power to grow out of illness and into a life they have truly come to live. She understands deeply that our thoughts, feelings and emotions set us on the path to healing or disease and that our true vibration is our greatest gift. Through the rich full sensory experiences of her dream life seeing and feeling energy, talking with souls and higher guidance became the norm. Her intuition blossomed and the understanding of her purpose – to share the greater meaning of our life – ignited the inner calling within her to make the rest of her life the best of her life.

As she embraced her journey of self-love, courage and empowerment she braved through her inner world to find the ultimate freedom. Now living an empowered life she thrives in the greater vibration of her true essence. Gifted with not only a full physical recovery but a soulful discovery April-Anjali reclaimed her endless timeless and eternal light within. She stands empowered today as a goddess of transformation leading other women to awaken their inner goddess, to grow out of illness and to live the life of their dreams.
“It is my greatest joy as I walk in the light of empowerment today to uplift inspire and empower your feminine soul to grow heal and evolve beyond your wildest dreams. To know your true beauty and to truly begin living from this light.”

For complete details, log on to www.April-Anjali.com.

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